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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of 8/1/2020.


Release Note


This version includes additional accessibility improvements.


Corrected problem where unexpected URL text can appear next to file attachments or file-based documents in the view of a student list of documents.


Custom document template sections (that are not part of the standard state or provincial model) now have an Information icon to indicate that they are custom.

Workflow Case Management: Case Type Details Available at Case Creation

Added an Information icon on the first step of the workflow case creation process to make the Workflow Case Type Details available for the selected case type.

Workflow Case Management: Copy Case Types

Added the ability for a system admin to copy an existing workflow case type configured by PowerSchool or by the system admin. The system admin can then modify the copied case type and set the original case type status to Retired or In Development so that it does not appear to end-users.

Workflow Case Management: Disable Case TypesAdded the ability for system admins to enable or disable workflow case types that are configured by PowerSchool.
Workflow Case Management: Precondition Error Message

Added functionality that evaluates precondition criteria right away when you choose a workflow case type to create a case for a student. If the student does not meet the precondition criteria, a message appears with the precondition criteria description.

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