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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of 9/5/2020.


Release Note

PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus Integration

An option is added to the Export Screen in Special Programs to allow an Admin user to clear the last exported date on an export layout. This will trigger the export layout to perform a full export of all the data in its content.

PowerSchool SIS Class Student Roster Import

Fixed an issue within PowerSchool SIS ClassStudentRoster Import. Previously, when the student exited the school district and returned, it would not add them to the class roster.

Standard Reports

Corrected an issue with a standard report's audit log view not filtering to the correct events for that report.

Standard Reports

When a list report that shows rich text from a narrative text field is exported to Excel, HTML tags that formerly appeared in the Excel file are now removed.

Student Profile Archive

When a deactivated student is moved in the background to the student profile archive, an entry capturing this event is now written to the audit log. An issue in the administrative utility to immediately archive select deactivated students is corrected.

System Administration

When editing a security group's privileges, each security privilege now has tooltip help.

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