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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of 10/3/2020.


Release Note


Corrected text color contrast issues on the home page.


Narrative text fields now all have an individual spell check icon regardless of the browser.

On-Premises Customers

Corrected situation-specific issues in the Configuration Management Tool

Standard Reports

Fixed issue where drilling down into headers for a multi-dimensional report with three dimensions produces an inaccurate chart.

Student Profile Archive

Fixed issue that can cause deactivated students to be archived earlier than expected in certain situations.

System Administration

Fixed issue where security groups may not be visible in document template section security.

System Administration

Fixed issue where auto-finalizing documents may not refresh documents from the profile one last time before finalizing.

System Administration

The ADMIN user can now override the "Allow Bulk Document Creation" template option by going to the document template properties and clicking "Edit Template Behavior Options".

System Administration

The utility to perform a "One-Shot Bulk Status Change" for a document template has been changed so that documents that have been created (e.g. bulk created) but never edited will be included.

System Administration

Added missing French translations for announcements requiring user acknowledgment.

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