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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of 11/7/2020.


Release Note


Corrected issue with selecting from curriculum outline in Personalized Learning Plan in the New Brunswick, Canada model.

DocuSign Integration

Multiple improvements have been made for DocuSign integration:

  • Users with an "E-Signature Send Queue" can now send multiple documents at a time
  • It is now possible to omit the ADMIN user from the list of authorized senders via the "Omit ADMIN from Authorized Sender Dropdown Menu" checkbox on the DocuSign account setup screen. This drop-down is presented to users who are not authorized to send documents to DocuSign (i.e., are not provisioned in DocuSign), but who are authorized to submit their documents to another user who can send to DocuSign.
  • Corrected a concurrency issue that can cause an incorrect sender email address to be recorded within the DocuSign portal if two senders send simultaneously.

Corrected an issue where users with multiple alternate locations that can edit profiles receive a "Student profile is not within user's edit security scope." error if their currently selected location does not match the student.

System Administration

There is a new, overridable document template behavior option labeled "Restrict to One Document Per School Year (non-revision only)". Enable this option to restrict users to create only one document from the document template per school year.

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