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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of December 17, 2021.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

Communication: Send Message

Staff recommendations are now available for parents, guardians, and students when they send messages from the parent or student portals. Admins can control the staff options in the Staff reference field properties.

Digital Signature Wizard

Signers are now able to view document attachments in the Attachments section of the signature wizard.

Digital Signature: Document Action

The document action, Modify Data When Electronic Signature Status Changes, can now be triggered when the Digital Signature status is set to Void or Completed.

Digital Signature: Document Section Action

There are new options for the Prevent Section Completion action that will require the signer to complete actions before submitting their signatures. With this enhancement, the enforcement can be applied only in the signature wizard.

Digital Signature: Section Access

Signers can now review any section of the document in the signature wizard if the section is not omitted from Electronic Signature. Use the Omit from Electronic Signature section action to control the visibility of sections in the signature wizard.

Digital Signature: Signer Notification Emails

You can now configure the boilerplate emails for signature notifications in any language that is already enabled for the document.

Document Audit Log

A new Digital Signature category is available in the audit log. Additionally, you can sort by Category and Date, and you can search the Description field.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Documents Created by Workflow Case Management

Resolved an issue where documents created using Workflow Case Management included sections that were not selected to be included. Now documents created using Workflow Case Management include only sections where the Include by Default in New Documents section behavior is selected.

Report Notification

Resolved an issue where notifications were not formatted as specified in the Notify Report Format field in Message Settings.

Student Transfer

Resolved an issue where the merge failed when transferring an existing student.

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