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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of August 6, 2021.



Release Note

PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus Integrations

Added a filter based on the enroll_status of the student profile in the Student Contact Import.

PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsUpdated import layouts to add, edit, or delete a row filter without using the DCT tool.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsUpdated import layouts to allow editing a query and previewing the results. To preview the result, click on the test query.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsThe ServingSchool field is now properly linked with the associated import layout in the Data Flow report.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsUpdated the PDF streaming and document attachment features.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsAdded an option to allow profile update scripts to run only after integration has been completed for a cycle.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus IntegrationsAdded validations to check if GeneralEdStudents are attached to the organizational hierarchy before allowing edits to the Continuous Integration Settings. The Continuous Integration Settings cannot be edited and integrations cannot be turned on if the General Ed Profile is not linked to the organizational hierarchy.
PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus Integrations

Updated the system to monitor unauthorized errors by how long the error persists rather than by how often it occurs. If an unauthorized error persists for more than 24 hours, Special Programs Imports and Exports will be disabled and a notification will be sent.

Transfer Envelope by State ID

Added the ability to select the generated file name using either a student's name, State ID, or ID in Utilities upon selecting Send Student Transfer Envelope.

Transfer Envelope for Child Profile Sections

Updated the Transfer Envelope feature so that when a transfer envelope is created, all child profile sections are included.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

File Transfer Error

Some on-premises customers were receiving a time-out error while creating a file transfer for another PowerSchool Special Programs database. This issue is resolved.

Keyword Table

When adding Keywords using the Insert Another option, only the last keyword inserted was added to the table. This issue is resolved.

PowerSchool SIS Integration

Resolved an issue where writebacks from Special Programs to PowerSchool SIS were causing duplicate entries in PowerSchool SIS.

Print Forms Option

The Print Forms option is now located in the More menu on the My Completed Services page.


Some user-created reports are generating a SQL exception error. This issue is resolved.

Service Capture

To prevent duplicate service records, improved validation checks in service capture based on Staff, Student, Service, Start Date/Time, and Individual versus Group Service (Session Size).

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