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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of September 3, 2021.



Release Note

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Digital SignatureSigners with multiple roles will receive one signature request email to sign for all applicable roles and will display once in Digital Signature Details. However, each role must have a separate entry when submitting the document for Digital Signature.Add and Send Signature Requests with Digital Signature

System administrators can now override the configured email blurb, edit the message body, or set up a sender alias "on behalf of [Case Manager name]" to clarify to the parent the message comes from the caseload manager.

Any document fields that have the property, Always Available For Macros, are available for use in the email blurb as a macro.

DocuSignWhen DocuSign is used, Special Programs sends an internal message and email to the submitters and sender once all signers complete the signing process. You can now use a new setting on the DocuSign Account configuration page, Send Staff Notification Messages When Signing Process Completed, to disable these notification messages. If this is disabled, notification messages will not be sent to the sender when the signing process is completed.Configure DocuSign Integration

DocuSign Integration

The Send Documents via DocuSign privilege can now be assigned to a security group in combination with the Access My Classes or Access My Caseload privileges without also assigning the View Students and Access Documents privileges that were previously required.Configure DocuSign Integration
System AdministrationAll audit log views (for example, filtered for profile, document, or report) now provide access to past audit log partitions.
System Administration

When importing student(s) from the General Ed Students profile, if the student profile archive is enabled, the system will check for matches against students in the student profile archive before proceeding with the import. If potential archive matches are found, the system will offer the option of restoring the matching student(s) from the archive.

UtilityThe Student Merge Utility now merges Workflow cases to the target student.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Advanced SearchResolved an issue reported in Advanced Search and Report Selection Criteria.
Standard Reports

Resolved errors that occurred when downloading reports in CSV and Tab-Delimited file format.

  • Tab spaces are removed from the column headers.
  • Null values, which were earlier rendered as quotes(""), are replaced by blanks or empty spaces.

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