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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of December 16, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

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Digital Signature: Restart Signature

Staff can restart the signature process from the Digital Signature Details dialog. Using the restart option, you can change the routing order, change a signer's email address, name, or preferred language, or opt a signer out of the signing process without having to void and delete the signature request. 

Digital Signature Details

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Audit Log

Resolved an issue that prevented authorized administrative users from accessing audit log partitions.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue where the Digital Signature request took longer than anticipated.

Digital Signature: Email Blurb

Resolved an issue where admin edits to the email blurb were not included in signature request emails.

Student Document

Resolved an issue where the Document Template Translation menu option was not navigating to the document template page. Staff must have the security settings for translating document templates to access this menu option.

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