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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of March 17, 2023.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note
Security Categories are now included in the synchronization of a Security GroupWhen synchronizing a Security Group assigned to a Security Category to district tenants, the Security Category is now included in the synchronization.
State-defined case management synchronizationAdded a progress indicator when syncing the removal of a workflow case type for a better user experience.
User changing password in a State Controller environmentWhen a user in a State Controller environment is in a district tenant and attempts to change their password, Special Programs will switch them to the Controller, let them change their password, then switch them back to the district tenant they were in once the password is changed.
Updated PowerSchool SIS Plugin
  • Added menu support for PowerSchool SIS version or above.
  • Added content to the embedded document page or report page, which changes reports to Special Programs in case tabs are not visible.

Resolved Issues


Release Note
Custom fields created using Easy Edit display HTML codeDetected an issue where users could not use Easy Edit to insert custom fields as expected. The document would display HTML codes in the published version. This is now fixed; users can add custom fields using Easy Edit, and the fields no longer display HTML codes.
Digital Signature Sign Now function issueDetected an issue where the staff could not use the "Sign Now" feature if the parent's name contained an accent mark. This is now fixed; staff members can use the feature even if Parent's name has an accent mark.
Optimized Import Layout "eSchoolPLUS- Student Enrollment Import"Optimized the code handling Student Enrollment Import from eSchoolPLUS to avoid time-out errors.
Non-lookup fields using auto-refresher functionalityAdded a fix for a reference auto-refresher enabled fields to reload the page only when the user changes the field value, not when switching between lookup and non-lookup modes.
Staff attempting to sign a completed documentWhen a user tries to sign a document that has been completed (someone accepted the signatures before they signed), they will see a popup that reads "Inactive Signature Request This student's signature request is not active. Contact your district administrator for more information."
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