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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of April 21, 2023.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

Assume Admin Role Change

Staff users who log into Special Programs with a password and have the “Assume Admin Role” privilege are no longer asked for the Admin Passcode and, instead, use their password to elevate their session to the admin role.

Digital Signature

This feature prevents Digital Signature fields from being edited that are in a named block in Digital Signature.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Easy Edit

Resolved an issue where Easy Edit snippets would sometimes add space in Advance mode.

Options for Document statuses

Resolved an issue when users do not see valid options for document statuses like Sign Now and Error.

PowerSchool SIS Integration

Staff logging into PowerSchool Special Programs will have their security profile and privileges refreshed from PowerSchool SIS if SIS integration has integrated Security turned on.

Student Contacts Import errors

Code importing the student contact information from eSchoolPlus was optimized so that it does not give timeout errors.

Sign Now

Resolved an issue where users choosing the Sign Now or the Sign Document option could not view the other sections.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue when in some instances, documents signed with Digital Signature would display error status.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue where the signature date appears in the Parent/Guardian Signature field after the Digital Signature request is deleted.

Student Import

Import logs of Student Import (model) shows the list of students with error.

Easy Edit

Resolved an issue when, in some cases, while using Easy Edit, the section that contains formula referencing Globals cannot be used.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue when a document is submitted for a digital signature to two signers, and the document is digitally signed, but the Digital Signature feature is disabled before the PDF is generated, and the generated PDF does not show the signatures.

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