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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of August 5, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

Digital Signature

If an error occurs and the status on the Digital Signature Details page indicates an error, the staff member or administrator can manually retry to send the signature request. If the signature has been completed and the status incorrectly indicates an error, clicking Retry will refresh to display the proper status and populate the signed pdf. The Digital Signature Details page now includes this under Signature Request Options.

DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Upgrade

For on-prem customers, Special Programs displays a notification on the Integration → DocuSign page if the DocuSign certificate is missing. To complete your upgrade, contact PowerSchool Special Programs Support.

Student Profiles Restore

The Restore Student Profile utility includes completed signature data for DocuSign and Digital Signature.

Student Transfer

Added a Received By column on the Send Student Transfer Envelope utility. The field displays the school district name or email ID identifying where the transfer envelope was sent.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Advanced Report

Resolved an error where advanced reports did not process completely when the Process Now button was used.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue in Android 10.0 version mobile signing where the signature wizard did not open.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue where guardians could not see the Submit button and were unable to submit signatures on their mobile (Android) device.

Digital Signature 

On mobile devices, signers can tap the signature image to view and magnify the signatures on the document in the Digital Signature wizard.

DocuSign OAuth 2.0 Upgrade

Resolved an error where the DocuSign OAuth 2.0 upgrade was causing an error for hosted customers with custom integrator keys.

If you have a custom integrator key, you must take the following actions before your custom integrator key will work for the DocuSign authentication process:

  • Set the authentication in DocuSign to Implicit Grant.
  • Generate an RSA keypair in DocuSign. This will generate a Private Key that you must enter as the Private Key in Special Programs.
  • Add the full URL for your site's /docusignconsent.aspx page to the Redirect URIs list in DocuSign. For example,
Standard Reports

Resolved the error that occurred when navigating to the Documentation Mode of a standard report.

Student Profile Archive

Resolved an issue where an error occurred when restoring a student profile from the profile archive.

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