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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of April 19, 2024.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

Disclaimer Statement in Digital Signature Emails

Updated the wording of the disclaimer statement in all digital signature emails that contain a link that does not require the user to log into the application with a managed account.

Limits for Rows in Merged Reports

Updated the following 16 reports under configuration management to include higher row limits:

  • Delivered Services

  • Delivered Services Part C

  • Evaluation Report

  • Evaluation Report Part C

  • Graduate Student Services Needing Approval

  • My Pending Approval Part C

  • Parental Consent

  • Plan Dates

  • RSMR - Delivered Service Details

  • RSMR - Prescribed Service Details

  • RSMR - Summary

  • Students with Disabilities Snapshot Report

  • Supervisor Pending Approval Part C

  • Translation and Interpretation Service Request

  • Completed Services

  • Delivered Service - Public Charter School Only

This fix applies to the OSSE. 

Auto-Acceptance Notification

Updated to exclude the soft-deleted documents when sending the auto-acceptance notifications.

Increased Verbosity of Daily Digest Emails for OSSE

Included the breakdown of import layouts with errors for tenants in the daily digest email sent to the email address configured in the controller to meet the OSSE requirements. This information is essentially the same as what each workspace’s digest email would contain individually.

Goal Names Visibility on User Interface (UI)

Improved the visibility of goal names during digital signature to accommodate longer lengths on the UI.

Disable Duplicate Service Record Validation

Added a new option, Disable Duplicate Service Record Validation, to service record forms to turn on or off the validation of duplicate service records.

Staff Lookup Fields

Improved the behavior of staff look-up fields so that users with location-wide access to staff can easily look-up staff at any location they have access to without needing to switch locations.

Student Search

Improved student search box on the home page so that the visibility of the documents icon aligns better with user’s ability to access the documents tab through other methods.

PowerSchool SIS Integration – IgnoreForIntegration Capability to Support Custom Fields

Added a new profile field, IgnoreForIntegration, which will force integration to skip locations that are not needed to integrate.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Master/Detail Documents Report Issue

Resolved an issue where an error occurred when creating a list report on documents and enabling the master/detail report option.

Student Search

Resolved an issue where the student search was not working when a name with Z as the last letter was entered.

Disable Staff Switching to Multi-Dimensional Report

Resolved an issue where the staff's option to switch to the multi-dimensional report in the controller database was hidden.

Merge Report Results Across Multiple Target Tenants

Corrected the missing option to merge report results across multiple target tenants that have received reports through state controller sync.

Issue Accessing Documents Import Layout

Resolved an issue where the error message, UnderConfigurationMgmt' Does Not Belong To Table, appeared when accessing the Documents import layout through the Data Connectivity Tool.

Profile Field Translation

Resolved an issue when the profile fields were translated into Unicode languages. The translation was not displayed; instead, it showed: ???.

Field Finder Issue

Resolved an issue where the field finder sometimes shows an error, such as when creating or editing a standard report for documents.

Staff Profile

Resolved an issue where, in certain state models, the staff profile was not displaying the correct locations in one of the sections.

Syncing to All Tenants

Resolved the exception error when syncing the State Viewer security group. It now ensures successful sync across all tenants.

Passing a New Identifier to Gainsight Identify Call

Resolved an issue where new accounts did not see the bot and engagement when logging into Special Programs.

State Controller Multi-District Tenant Reporting

Resolved errors that staff users can experience when utilizing merged reports across multiple district tenants.

Error on Navigating to Student Document

Resolved an error when navigating to the student document section, which was marked as a section extension with a null child template.

Profile Type Caption Translation

Resolved an issue where profile type captions, when translated to Unicode languages, were showing ???.

Translation in Document Fields with Long Characters

Resolved an issue when attempting to translate document fields with long characters using the Translate Multiple Field Definitions feature, but a hard error was encountered.

Dates Updated

Resolved issues with the End Of Year Automatic Rollover, which failed to update State Reporting Date Ranges for EI to Preschool.

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