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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of June 16, 2023.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

Bulk Download/Print Multiple Documents

Users with the necessary privileges can now merge up to 50 documents into a single PDF file for downloading and printing by selecting Download/Print Multiple Documents on the Student's Document page.

Capturing latest translation

The system now captures the latest translation for an untranslated version of a section that was not available earlier.

Chart view in multiple-tenant reporting

Improved support for three-dimensional chart view in multiple-tenant reporting.

Digital Signature

If the digital signature process is restarted, it must be linked to the newest document template version, as the previous version will be removed.

Digital Signature

Once documents are finalized, the signing fields are preserved in their respective sections. This ensures that when the document is submitted for digital signature, a "preserved version" is created, indicating the preserved sections at the time of finalization. The preserved version is then made available for signature.

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