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SPSM-TX_21.4.1.0 Release Notes

Texas Release Dates



Release Note


Fixed an issue where a "Sign" button would appear erroneously at the top of the form.

SPEDSM-38139Notice of Interventions

Made the following changes to the Notice of Interventions form:

  • The “InstructionalFocus” field is now populated from the “'Individual Instruction Plan (IIPLAN)” field that appears under the “Area of Concern/Instructional Focus” section.
  • The “Curriculum” field is now populated from the IIPLAN field that appears under the “Intervention” section.
When the “Individual Instruction Plan” is finalized, data flows from “Individual Instruction Plan” to “Notice of interventions.”
SPEDSM-36658ProgressMonitoringSchedule keyword table

The ProgressMonitoringSchedule keyword table is now fully Admin-editable. Administrators can add a description in this keyword table when adding a new entry.

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