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Add and Send Signature Requests with Digital Signature

Documents must be configured to use Digital Signature before adding signers or submitting signature requests.

Add Signers to Document

  1. In the document, navigate to the section that includes the signer information.
  2. Verify that the default signers are correct. Default signers are added to the document template.
  3. Click the first empty signature field or click Add (+ icon) to add a new signature line.
  4. Enter the signer information.

If a signer fulfills multiple roles, create signature fields for these signers by role. Each role will have a separate entry when submitting for Digital Signature. However, the signer will receive only one email request, which will be displayed once in Digital signature details.

Submit Document for Signature

  1. Select the student and open the document.

  2. Click More and choose Submit Document for Digital Signature.
  3. Select a Signing Preference:
    1. Select Send through email to send an email request.
      1. Choose the Routing Order.
      2. Verify the signers' contact information.
      3. Select the preferred Language for each signer.
      4. If needed, choose to Opt-out of sending a signature request email to a signer.
      5. Click Send.
    2. Select Sign Now to start the signing process for in-person signing.
      1. Choose a Language for each signer.
      2. If needed, choose to Opt-out of sending a signature request email to a signer.
      3. Click Next.
      4. Verify the signer's identity and select Validate Identity.
      5. Click Sign Now to open the document for the selected signer.

As the initiator, you will receive an email when all signers have completed signing.

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