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Add and Send Signature Requests with DocuSign

DocuSign integration requires that the school district initiates a contract directly with DocuSign to obtain any standard DocuSign account. Contact your school or district to obtain a DocuSign account.

Sign Now via Embedded Signing

If the Enable Embedded Signing option is selected in the account settings, once a document has been sent to DocuSign for signing, a button labeled Enable "Sign Now" appears on the View DocuSign Status Details dialog box. This button appears only for documents sent to DocuSign after enabling the Enable Embedded Signing option.

The Enable "Sign Now" button can be clicked if all signers are present at the meeting. Then the Sign Now button can be clicked from top to bottom to open a window allowing the respective signer to sign the document.

DocuSign still enforces the same routing order from top to bottom, so signers will need to sign in that order. Each signing window will open in the context of the corresponding signer name and email address. Signers will still receive notifications that they have signed the document.

Once all signers have signed the document, the completed and signed document is captured within PowerSchool Special Programs as a file attachment to the original document.

DocuSign Status Details page shows the Sign Now buttons

e-Signature Document Routing to Staff and Non-Staff Signers

DocuSign allows you to choose whether you want to send the document first to staff signers and then to non-staff signers or to send the document to all signers (both staff and non-staff) simultaneously.

In the Submit Document for E-Signature dialog box, choose a Routing Order option, then click Submit & Send to Signers Via DocuSign Now.

Routing Order Options

  • Send to staff first, then to non-staff - The e-Signature document will route first to all staff signers, and then after all staff signers have signed, it will route to any/all non-staff signers (e.g., parents).
  • Send to all signers at the same time (e.g., using "Sign Now") - If the "Sign Now" feature has been enabled on the DocuSign Account setup screen, choosing this option allows you to immediately route the document to all signers at once, which makes the "Sign Now" feature non-blocking on any signer (either staff or non-staff).

After DocuSign has sent the document to any signers, the "Sign Now" feature is constrained to the routing order used to send the document (and would otherwise then require all staff signers to sign before non-staff signers, such as parents).

Signer Status Reference

After the document has been sent to DocuSign, the status column on the right of the window will fill in with status values as processing and signer activity begins. The meaning of these status values is as follows:

  • Sent: The recipient has been sent the notification email to sign the document.
  • Autoresponded: The signer’s email system auto-responded to the email from DocuSign indicating a problem with delivering the email to the specified email address. The recipient did not receive their email notification. This is caused by anything from an invalid email address, full mailbox, or other possibilities.
  • Delivered: The signer has clicked into and viewed the document to be signed.
  • Declined: The signer explicitly declined to sign the document via the DocuSign user interface.
  • Signed: This is a temporary status indicating that the signer has completed the signing process in the document. The status will change to completed after additional processing.
  • Completed: The signature for this signer is complete. When all signers reach this status, the entire document then completes.

Send Reminder to Signers

In the View DocuSign Status Details dialog box for a document sent to DocuSign for e-signing, the Status column displays Sent until the signer e-signs the document and Completed with the date and time the signer e-signed the document.

  • A Send Reminder link appears next to the email address of each signer who has not yet signed the document.
  • Click the Send Reminder link to send the e-Signature invitational email to the signer again.
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