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Administer an Online Test for a Class

  1. On your user home page, go to the My Classes panel and click the class you want to work with.
  2. Click Student Assessment.
  3. Click + New Assessment Administration.
  4. One or more curriculum areas appear, each with a check icon and the number of available assessments in parentheses (e.g., x 8). Click the check icon to see the assessments available for that area.
  5. Click the check icon next to the assessment that you want to administer.
  6. Update the fields in the New Assessment Administration menu, and then click Accept.
    1. In the Administered When? fields, you can accept the default date (today's date) or enter the date you plan to administer the assessment, and then select the Marking Period and school year for the assessment administration.
    2. In the Generate Random Variations? field, select whether you want to create multiple random variations of the assessment administration. This option will appear only if the random variations option has been enabled for the assessment definition. If available, it allows you to generate five or ten random variations of the assessment to help prevent cheating. The questions will appear in a different order in each variation. When students log in to take the assessment online, they will automatically be assigned one of the variations.
  7. Click Start Online Assessment when you are ready to administer the assessment. In the screen that appears, set up the assessment options.

    1. In the Time to Allow fields, specify the time limit in hours and/or minutes you want to set. This time is used to guide students and does not stop the online assessment session. Students can continue taking the assessment until you click Stop Online Assessment.
    2. In the Assessment Password field, enter the password that students must provide to take the test.
    3. In the Students Allowed to Take Assessment section, select the students who will be taking the assessment. You can optionally mark students receiving special accommodations. An assessment definition can be configured to show special accommodations information to the student, and only students marked this way will see that information.
    4. The students start the online assessment from the home page.
      1. The student clicks the link for your class from their home page.
      2. The student enters the assessment password to begin.
      3. A timer appears on their screen indicating how much time is left in the assessment session.
      4. Students can submit answers up until the moment you click Stop Session Now. You can stop the session before or after the Will End At time.
  8. Click Start Online Testing.
  9. The assessment session screen displays the students you selected in the list area. While some of the columns are blank, they will fill in when the students begin to take the assessment.
  10. When you are ready to stop the online assessment, log in, and access the assessment administration again if you logged out after you started the assessment.
  11. To get a sense of how the students are doing before you stop the online assessment session, click the Item Analysis and Item Detail tabs.
  12. When you want to stop the session, click Stop Session Now, and then confirm this action when prompted. Students cannot submit further answers after you confirm.
  13. If you select the Item Responses tab, you can click the edit (pencil) icon next to a student to review and/or grade the responses a student has given.
    • Open-ended questions are not automatically graded. You must grade them yourself.
    • If fill-in-the-blank or numeric-response questions are on the test, you may want to review how they have been graded as a quality check.
    • It is generally not necessary to review multiple-choice questions.
  14. To prepare individual or class progress reports based on the results, you must process the results. Click Process Results Now To Enable Reports. Once processed, links to additional reports appear.
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