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Administer and Score Performance Assessments

There are three methods used for scoring a performance assessment:

  • Web Entry: Teachers enter the rubric results using a web-based screen.
  • Scanning: Scanning performance assessments works like scanning other types of assessments, except that the teacher completes the scanner forms by marking bubbles that correspond to rubric levels. Note that this approach cannot be used at the present time for performance assessments that have a student online submission component as described in the previous section.
  • Online Assessment and E-Portfolio: Performance assessments that have a student online submission component can be administered online in much the same way as online testing (provided that your school district has licensed the online assessment component).

Administer a Performance Assessment

  1. On the home page, click the link for the class where you want to administer a performance assessment.
  2. On the page for the class, click Student Assessment.
  3. In the Assessment Administrations section, click + New Assessment Administration.
  4. One or more curriculum areas appear, each with a check icon and a quantity of available assessments. Click the check icon next to an area to view the assessments available for that area.
  5. Click the check icon next to the performance assessment that you want to administer.
  6. On the New Assessment Administration (Options) page, you can either accept today's date or enter the date you plan to administer the assessment and optionally enter an additional user comment.
  7. Click Accept to continue.
  8. After creating the assessment administration, click Start Online Assessment.
  9. Specify a Due Date (optional) and a Not Accepted Past date (required). If both are specified, the system will continue to accept late work past the Due Date but not past the Not Accepted Past date. However, students will see only the Due Date.
  10. In the Students Allowed to Take Assessment section, select the students who will be taking the assessment.

    You can optionally mark students receiving special accommodations. An assessment definition can be configured to show special accommodations information to students that are receiving special accommodations for that assessment.

  11. In the Notification Message To Students section, you can optionally select whether you want to send a message to the students you have selected. If you want to send a message, edit the Subject line and enter the message you want to send in the Body field.
  12. Click Start Online Assessment. The Online Assessment Session section displays the date the assessment was Started, the Due date, and the Not Accepted Past date. The Stop Session Now option also displays in this section. The status of each student submission is indicated in the Status column.
  13. Whenever students submit work, you will receive a notification message from the student. Check the Unread Messages section, and then click the link in the Subject column to read the notification message.

Review and Score the Assessment

  1. In the Link field below the message header, click the Review Online Assessment Responses link to review the student responses to the performance assessment.
  2. Review the student's work, which can be in the form of files uploaded by the student (which you can click to download) or in the form of inline text.
  3. In the New Status menu, select whether the submission is accepted or whether resubmission by the student is required. The student can only continue to work on the submission if the Resubmission By Student Is Required option is selected.
  4. In the evaluation section, select the student's score for each evaluation criterion.
  5. In the Message to Student text box, you can enter a message to send back to the student. This is optional unless resubmission by the student is required.
  6. If the performance assessment definition has been set up to allow a Subjective Overall Grade, you will be able to select the overall grade using the drop-down at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the link for the assessment administration in the navigation path at the top of the screen.
    When you return to the assessment administration, the Status of the student has changed to Submission Accepted.
  9. When all student results are collected and you are ready to process and report the results, click Stop Session Now.
  10. Click Process Results Now to Enable Reports to prepare the assessment administration for reporting. Processing the results is also necessary to allow students to select their work into their E-Portfolio.
  11. If you are using E-Portfolio, and assuming students have had a chance to select successful performance tasks into their e-portfolio, you can check the status of how the students in the class are doing with regard to selecting portfolio work and covering the curriculum statements to be covered in the portfolio. On the Student Roster page, select Portfolio Summary Report from the Generate Report… menu.
  12. The Class Portfolio Summary page displays a list of the curriculum statements to be covered in the portfolio and the date each student covered a particular curriculum statement. You can click the magnifier icon for a particular student to see the full details of that student's portfolio.
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