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Advanced Question Item Formatting Techniques

HTML (hypertext markup language) can be used to enhance the presentation of your questions and to produce tables, symbols, and formulas that would otherwise require a graphic.

  • To get started, add a practice question item that you can experiment with and later delete.
  • To incorporate HTML formatting into a question item, you type it directly into the question text.
  • You can also click the Samples button (left of the text box for the question text) and click one of the useful samples listed (see illustration). The HTML sample you click is always inserted at the very end of the question text. You can now customize the sample to produce what you want.

The software will not attempt to verify the validity of the HTML code you enter. If the HTML code is not syntactically correct, any screens that display that question will not display correctly. If this happens, edit the question again and correct the HTML.

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