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Change Document Status

As a document is processed, the status is updated:

  • Draft: The document is editable by authorized users.
  • Review: When the draft is completed, the status is changed to review, limiting the users who can edit the document.
  • Final: When the document is finalized, the status changes to final, and further editing is prohibited.

When you change the status of a document, several actions occur:

  • An event is created. Changing the document's status to either review or final will, by default, generate a new event in the event chronology. To view the event, select Events for this document.
  • If you selected to notify users, a notification message is sent to the users' inbox.

Update Document Status

  1. Click the document icon for the student, and then click the document link.
  2. In the Set Document menu, select to change the status of the document.
  3. Select the new status.

  4. To include a comment in the recorded event or a notification message, enter a comment.

  5. To send a message to users to notify them that the status was changed, specify their User IDs.
  6. Click Accept.

Changing Status of Multiple Documents

To change the status of multiple documents at once for a student, security and compliance verification checks will be performed.

  1. On the Documents tab, click More..., and then select the status.
  2. In the column between the document name and Status columns, you can select the documents for which you want to change the status (eligible documents are highlighted in yellow).
  3. Click the button at the top of the page corresponding to the change you want to make.
  4. Review the information in the dialog box, and click Close.
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