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Communications and Calendar

Your home page displays messages and announcements sent to you, as well as upcoming calendar events. 


Similar to Internet email, these are sent from one user to another specific PowerSchool Special Programs user. Features such as cc, bcc, and file attachments are supported. Messages are maintained internally in PowerSchool Special Programs. Subject to the school district's security policy, message receipt notifications can be automatically forwarded to the Internet email address of recipients.

Immediate Announcements

These differ from messages in that specific users are not identified as recipients. Instead, an announcement is broadcast to a general group of users, such as all staff at a school, all staff in a particular security role, or system-wide.

Calendar Events

These are events individual users create on their own calendars with the option of inviting other users as attendees. Calendar events are similar in functionality to that found in systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. They support such features as recurrence, required/optional attendees, scheduling assistance for conflict avoidance, and more.

Calendar-Based Announcements

These announcements are an event scheduled for a specific time frame and are broadcast to a general group of users such as all staff at a school, schools, or system-wide, or all staff in a particular security role. Features include the ability to allow users to optionally sign up for the event and add it to their calendar or for an authorized sender, to non-optionally place it on recipient calendars.

Special Calendar Days

Special calendar days are maintained strictly at an administrative level and are intended to identify holidays or other special days.

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