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Convert Private Resources to Public Resources

he system security recognizes a distinction between a public resource (accessible by all staff) and a private resource (accessible only by the user who created it). Typically, teachers will create and align lesson plans and other types of private resources for use in their classrooms.

If a private resource would be valuable to other staff, the user (teacher) who created the resource can use the messaging system to send it to another user who has the necessary access privileges to make the resource public. Once made public, a resource is available to all staff in the school district.

  • The user who has created the private resource clicks Send to send their private lesson plan document to another user who has the privileges to make the document public.
  • The recipient of the document will find a link to the resource in the message and can click the link to access the resource.
  • The recipient clicks Copy to make a copy of the resource that is linked to the message.
  • The recipient can copy the resource under a different name, and make it public or private depending on the recipient's security privileges.

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