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Create and Assign a New Curriculum Outline Tag

Curriculum outline tags are used to categorize curriculum statements by their source, their pacing sequence, or any other category that makes it convenient to select particular sets of curriculum statements when producing curriculum or student assessment reports.

Create and Assign a  New Curriculum Outline

  1. Select Curriculum Outline from the Curriculum menu, and then select Curriculum Outline Setup from the Moreā€¦ menu.
  2. Click the Outline Tags tab.
  3. Click Add New Tag.
  4. Enter a name for the tag and select an icon that best visually represents it.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the Outline Tags tab, drag and drop the new tag to a different position in the list if needed.
  7. To assign the tag to the curriculum outline, click Assign To Outline.
  8. Expand the curriculum outline to access the statements you want to associate with the tag.
  9. Select the checkboxes next to the items you want to assign the tag to.
  10. Click Close.
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