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Enable Student Assessment for a Curriculum

If a new curriculum will be used with the Student Assessment or Response to Intervention modules, it is necessary to enable student assessment for the new curriculum. In addition, rubrics should be set up for the outline levels that will be directly evaluated.

  1. Select Configuration from the Administration menu. Then, click the Curricula tab. 
  2. Review the rubrics defined for the curriculum outline levels. A rubric for interpreting student achievement is set up for each curriculum level for which achievement will be directly measured on assessments.  To view the rubrics, click the Set Up This Curriculum link for the curriculum.
  3. When done, click Curricula in the navigation trail to return to the previous page.
  4. On the Curricula page, click Enable Now next to Student Assessment. If you see only Disable Now, then the student assessment has already been enabled.
  5. On the Enable Student Assessment window, click Enable.
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