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Formula Editor

version 21.6.0 or higher.

The formula editor helps you build formulas wherever you enter selection criteria and other formula types.


  • As you enter a formula, the editor lists recommended formula symbols based on the cursor location within the formula. Enter the first few characters of the criteria to filter the choices. Then, click an item to insert it at the current cursor location. Recommended items are grouped into categories that include fields, functions, operators, and comparisons.
  • Many recommended items have tooltips that provide additional information. For example, if the recommended item is a field, the tooltip may contain the field's full description and data type. Hover your cursor over the item to display the tooltip.
  • A check icon indicates that the formula is valid and is ready to be accepted. An X icon indicates that the formula is invalid or incomplete. Click the X icon to review an explanation of the first problematic or incomplete part of the formula.
  • The recommendation list can help you edit an existing formula. Highlight a symbol within the formula to display a list of potential replacements.
  • If the formula editor is not providing recommendations at the cursor, there may be a problem earlier in the formula. Click the X icon to check for problems.
  • Some field recommendation groups, such as Fields (Students), include a Field Finder link. Click the link to display a search window to find a field based on its position on a form. The field finder can be helpful when you are unsure of a field name but know that it exists on a particular form.


  • Escape: Exit back to the formula editor.
  • Space: When the focus is on a category, this toggles the expanded or collapsed state of the category.
  • Right Arrow: When the focus is on a category, this moves the focus to the first item in that category.
  • Left Arrow: When the focus is on an item within a category, this moves the focus back to the category.
  • Up and Down Arrows: Moves the focus to the next or previous category or item.
  • Enter: When the focus is on an item within a category, inserts the item into the formula editor and leaves the focus in the formula editor.
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Moves the focus past all categories to the next focusable element below.
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