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Goals and Objectives

If your school district uses the repeating section model, you can select goals and objectives for a student. Ask your system administrator if you are unsure which model you are using. You can also choose goals and objectives from your curriculum outline.

Select Goals and Objectives for a Student

  1. When editing a document's Goals and Objectives section, select the learning standard or reference from the group for the standard to which the goals and objectives apply.
  2. Click the Select from Standards button to select goals and objectives from your curriculum outline. Note that the labeling of this button will vary by state, but the label will always begin with Select from, and the button will always appear below Save, Done Editing.
  3. Expand the outline to access the goal or objective you want to insert into the goals/objectives section, and then click the checkmark icon next to the statement to insert it. Repeat as needed.
  4. If you insert an objective first, the goal is automatically inserted, and the inserted statements display with a strike-through. You can now insert additional objectives up to your form's limit. Close the pop-up window to return to the form.
  5. Complete the remainder of the section and click Save, Done Editing.
  6. If you want to add additional goals and objectives, you can add another blank copy of the form.

    • To add the new copy at the end, select Add New Copy from the Goals and Objectives - Setup menu.

    • To add the new copy before the currently selected one, select Insert New Copy.

  7. Repeat the previous steps with the new copy.
  8. Once you have more than one copy of the goals/objectives section, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between them for viewing and editing. Note that the Setup menu to the right of this drop-down allows you to shift the order of, duplicate, or delete copies of the section.
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