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Group Results

  1. On the Assessment Administration page, select Group Results from the Generate Reports menu.
  2. On the Group Results page, select the Curriculum Outline tab.

    • If this option does not appear in the Analyze menu, then the assessment definition has not been aligned to the curriculum.

    • You can click any bar to view the corresponding students. In the example below, you can drill down by Pass/Advanced, Pass/Proficient, and Below to see the students in each of these categories.

    • When the Curriculum Outline tab is selected, the report shows how the students have performed based on curriculum-aligned assessment results. The results are charted using the rubric proficiency levels established for the overall curriculum, and the minimum score cutoffs established in the curriculum alignment part of the assessment definition.

    • Note that the rubric established for the overall curriculum may differ from any assessment rubric defined in the assessment definition.

  3. To show additional options that allow you to disaggregate the report based on various fields, click the Disaggregate Students… button.
  4. Use the Disaggregate Students by menu options to show the report disaggregated by analysis fields such as Ethnic, Sex, Free-Reduced Lunch, etc.
    • Note how the report changes to show the results separated by the selected disaggregation field(s).
    • If you want to remove the disaggregation, select "n/a" in the Disaggregate Students by drop-down(s) or click the Clear button.
  5. Click Filter Students… to display additional options that allow you to filter the report based on various fields.
  6. Use the Filter Students by menus to show the report filtered to specific field values (e.g., Gender=Female).
    • Note how the report changes according to the selected filter. If you want to remove the filter, select "n/a" in the Filter Students by drop-down(s) or click the Clear button.
  7. Click Options….
  8. Experiment with the various options. For example, you can show aligned curriculum resources directly on the report using these options.
    This report now shows the distribution of students achieving the mastery levels defined in the assessment rubric. You can drill down into any of the bars to see the actual students.
  9. Select the Rubric Levels tab.
    • Note that this option appears in the drop-down menu only if you have established an assessment rubric and corresponding cutoffs.
  10. If there is more than one assessment rubric defined in the assessment definition, you can select the rubric you wish to report with from the Assessment Rubric menu.
  11. You can click Options… on the toolbar and experiment with the options that appear. For example, you can select a vertical or horizontal stacked bar chart.
  12. Select the Scores tab.
    • With Scores selected, you will see individual student scores if the report is not disaggregated (i.e. field is selected in Disaggregate by drop-down) or mean scores if the report is disaggregated.
    • The screen below shows the results when no disaggregated fields are selected. Note that the data is colorized using the color settings from the assessment rubric.

When individual student scores are shown, you can click the name of the student to see detailed demographics and/or score history for the student.

When individual scores are shown, you can sort a score column by clicking its header. Clicking the header will toggle between ascending, descending, and the default sort. This feature can be used to produce a score ranking.

When the report is disaggregated (using the Disaggregate by menus), mean scores are shown by the selected groups. Note that the numbers in the Student Count column are links that allow you to view the underlying score data.

When the Rubric Levels tab is selected, you can click Export (next to Print) to export the results in CSV (comma separated values) format. Depending on the browser you are using, you are presented with the option of opening or saving the data as a file.

Publish Assessment Results

You can publish a link to the group results report on the home page of selected security groups. For example, if you wanted to give Principals access to the results of an assessment, you could publish the group results to that security group.

  1. Open the assessment administration, and then select Publish Results from the Setup menu.
    • This link is available only for location-wide and district-wide assessment administrations, and only if you have the necessary security permissions.
  2. Select the checkbox of one or more security groups for which you want to publish a link to assessment results on members' home pages.
  3. Select the Link to Analysis By option that will be selected by default when users follow the link from their home page to the group assessment results.
  4. Click Save.

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