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Individual Student Results

Generate the Individual Student Results Report

  1. Access the assessment administration for which you want to report results.
  2. From the Generate Report drop-down, select Individual Student Results.
  3. In the Student field, select a student to display the report for that student.
  4. Click the Options… link to see additional content and formatting options.
  5. Use the Options menus to modify the look of the report and what information is on it. As soon as you select an option, the report changes to match the new selection.
    • If you find a set of options for this report that you like, you can click Save My Options to save them.
    • Depending on your role, you may see Save as System Defaults Options.
  6. To print the report for the selected student, click the Print button.
  7. To print reports for all students at once, select (All Students) from the Student drop-down, and then click the Print this document link to send the report to the printer.
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