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Move or Copy Curriculum Statements

You can move a curriculum statement from one point in the curriculum outline to another (keeping all alignments and student evaluation intact).

If the curriculum statement has sub-statements, the sub-statements will be moved as well.

You can also copy curriculum statements from one area of the curriculum to another area, or even from one curriculum to another curriculum.

The difference between move and copy is simply that move moves the original statements, while copy makes a duplicate of the statements (just the statements, not the resource alignments or student evaluation information).

  1. Expand the curriculum outline and click the move icon at the specific destination point where you want to move or copy the curriculum statements.
  2. On the Move/Copy window, click the Select… link.
  3. On the Look-Up Curriculum Statement window, select the curriculum statement you want to move or copy by selecting the checkmark next to the statement.
  4. On the Move/Copy window, click Move or Copy.
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