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Overview of Resource Library

The resource library may include teaching resources, evaluation resources, instructional strategies, best practices, lesson plans, and any other type of instructional resource the district wants to make available to users. The actual content for resources can be stored and accessed in one of the following ways:

  • If the content of a resource is available in a file (e.g., a word processing document, spreadsheet, or presentation document), the file can be uploaded into the resource. The file can then be downloaded or viewed by other users.
  • If the content of a resource is in the form of a document, the content can be entered or imported into the resource in the form of a structured document. This approach is useful for storing lesson plans, activities, or teacher checklists used for evaluation purposes.
  • If a resource exists on the web and can be referred to using a web address (URL), then a direct web link can be made to that resource.
  • Resources that cannot be electronically stored or linked can simply be referenced from within the resource library. This approach is used for textbooks, CD-based software, or materials that are not in a computerized form.
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