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Process an Assessment Administration

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This section assumes you have finished scoring the assessment administration by using the Scoring Tool and have saved the results or manually entered responses for students.

Once the student results have been collected, you must now process the assessment administration, which populates all mastery data needed for reporting. If you plan to scan in additional student response forms at another time, you may choose not to process the results for an administration immediately.

Additionally, you may have situations where you want to produce some reports for informational purposes, but leave the results out of the historical record. In this case, you would process the assessment administration, run your reports, and then unprocess the assessment administration.

Process an Assessment Administration

  1. Display the assessment administration for which you have collected item responses.
  2. To get a sense of how the students have done before you process the data, click the Item Analysis tab.
    • If you want to process the assessment administration immediately without reviewing the data collected, you can skip to step 6.
  3. Review the Item Analysis report which shows the distribution of student responses and gives you an idea of how students have done. Correct responses are shown in green.
    This report is useful for troubleshooting. For example, if only 15% of students respond to a question correctly, then consider reviewing the question and double-checking the answer key.
  4. To view the list of students who gave a response, click on the bar. When you are done reviewing the list of students, use the navigation trail to exit the item analysis drill-down.
  5. Click the Item Detail tab. The Item Detail shows the responses by student.
  6. Process the assessment administration by clicking Process Results Now to Enable Reports, and then click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  7. After the assessment administration is processed, you can generate any of the reports listed in the Generate Report drop-down menu. See Assessment Reporting.
    • If you have set up an assessment rubric with colors, you will see a listing of colorized scores.

Re-process an Assessment Administration

If you input additional information into the assessment administration, corrected the answer key, or modified the curriculum alignment, you will need to re-process the assessment administration to update the stored results. To do this, undo the processing of the assessment administration and process it again so that the corrections are reflected in the processed results.

  1. Display the assessment administration you want to re-process.
  2. Click Unprocess Results, and then click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  3. Click Process Results Now To Enable Reports, and then click OK.
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