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Special Assessment Functions

The following table lists some special functions that you can use in specific contexts:

AssessmentScore(curriculumroot, 'AssessmentName', 'SectionID', scoretype, optionalyear, optionalmarkingperiod)

This function retrieves a particular score from the assessment repository.

The scoretype is one of the following special keywords:

  • Percentage
  • Rawpoints
  • Percentile
  • NCE
  • GE
  • Stanine
  • Scaled
  • GAP
  • Other

If the goal is to display a score on a form, there is a form directive for showing scores that is much more flexible, versatile, and efficient than using this function. Additionally, a report using many of these functions can run slowly. Therefore, PowerSchool recommends using the screening group feature instead of using these functions in a report.
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