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Special Document Values and Functions

Use the these functions when creating formulas for documents.

AcknowledgeDatetime(staffreference)Returns the date and time the specified staff person acknowledged the current document, or EMPTY if the staff person did not acknowledge reviewing the document.
CopyNumberWhen used in a child document formula, gives the copy number (1..N) of the child document.
DataPointCountIf the document template has been enabled for progress monitoring, this returns the number of progress monitoring data points current in the document. This can also be used in the context of a child template if progress monitoring has been enabled for the child template.
DocCommentReturns the document label/comment.
DocStatusReturns the document status (Draft, Review, or Final).
Document_Created_OnReturns the date and time the document was created.
FileAttachedBy('%pattern%')This function works just like FileExists, except instead of returning an indication of whether such a file exists, it returns to the staff profile reference of the user who attached the file. This will return EMPTY if the user was not a staff user (for example, an administrator) or if such a file does not exist. Note that it is also possible that more than one file that meets the criteria can exist, in which case any of the staff users who attached those files could be returned.
FileExists('%pattern%')This function searches and returns True if a document has a file attachment with the specified file name pattern. For example, '%.pdf' checks for a pdf file. You can also pass an empty string '' to check for any file attachment regardless of the file name. Note that there is another version of FileExists that can be used for profiles that accept more search parameters.
IsAcknowledged(staffreference)Returns True if the specified staff person has acknowledged the current document.
ProfileReferences the main profile associated with that document.

Returns True if the named section is included and completed in the document. This function does not work for a repeating section and will always return False.

SectionIncluded('sectionname')Returns True if the named section is included in the document. If the section is a repeating section, returns True if the document has any repeats.
TranslationDocStatus('languageid') Returns the document status (Draft, Review, or Final) for specified language translation. The language ID is the standard two-character ISO code for the language (e.g. es = Spanish, fr = French). If a language translation has not been added to a document, the function returns EMPTY.
TranslationExists('languageid')Returns True if the specified language translation has been added to the document. The language ID is the standard two-character ISO code for the language (e.g. es = Spanish, fr = French).
IsQueuedForStatusChange(Review/Final)Returns True if the document is currently queued by a document action to be set to Review or Final.
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