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Special Profile Values and Functions

The following table lists special values that you can obtain from profiles.

IDTThe internal identifier of a profile.

Indicates the date/time the deactivated profile was marked inactive.

This function returns empty if the profile is still active.

FileExists(historyyear, '%pattern%', Draft/Review/Final)

Returns True if a file-based document exists with the specified criteria.

  • The first parameter sets a school year to confine the search. For example, selecting "historyyear" restricts the search to the current school year, "history -1" limits the search to last year, and "2005" limits the search to the 2005/2006 school year. You can specify EMPTY as the parameter to search all school years.
  • The second parameter confines the search to file-based documents with a file name that matches the pattern where % is a wild-card character, specifying this parameter as "%.pdf" searches for file-based documents containing pdf files. You can omit this parameter or specify an empty string.
  • The third parameter limits the search to file-based documents having a specific status, like Draft, Review, or Final. You can omit this parameter. 
FileAttachedBy(historyyear, '%pattern%', Draft/Review/Final)

Returns the staff profile reference of the user who attached the file.

This function returns empty if the user is not a staff user (like an administrator) or if a file does not exist. It is also possible that multiple files meet the criteria, in which case the function returns any of the staff users who attached the files.


Returns true if the class profile is linked to the specified curriculum.


Returns the label of the curriculum statement that the class is linked to if a class is linked to a specific curriculum.

Alternately, this function returns an empty value if the class is not linked to a specified curriculum or is linked to the root level of the specified curriculum.

CurriculumLinkIsStrict(curriculumroot)Returns True if the class is linked to a specific curriculum and is linked strictly to a specific statement returned by CurriculumLinkLabel. If not linked strictly, the teacher is free to deliver assessments outside of the linked area.
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