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Student Assessment History

View Assessment Results

The simplest way to view assessment results is to navigate to a student's profile and then click the Assessment History tab. This tab displays the scores for all assessments administered to the student filtered by year.

Growth Chart

Assessment definitions have an optional Growth Series ID property that can be used to link assessment definitions together so that those with a common Growth Series ID can be used to chart an individual student's growth over time based on those assessments.

  • Assessment definitions that should appear on the same growth chart should have the same Growth Series ID.
  • Assessment results in an individual student assessment history that have a Growth Series ID will show a chart icon. If a chart icon appears next to assessment results, you view the chart to produce a growth chart for the student.
  • If you hover the mouse over the Growth Series ID after saving it, a list of other assessment definitions that have that ID in common will appear.
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