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Tips for Plain Paper Scanning

Once you are ready to scan in the completed answer sheets, there are a number of things you can do to make the process go smoothly.

  • Pages are processed in the order that they are scanned. This allows you to process a set of pages, pull the entire set off of the scanner, and then address any warnings in order before moving onto the next set of pages.
  • After processing a set of pages, you can save the results so you won't lose all your work if something goes wrong.
  • When loading the feeder on the scanner, you generally will want to put on a manageable amount so that you can easily work with the stack once it has been scanned and verify they were scanned correctly.

Scanning Status

The Scanning Status screen will show you the results of scanning in the order in which the pages were scanned, allowing you to process a set of pages at a time, address any warnings, and then move onto the next set.

The Scanning Status screen shows page numbers counting from the top of the stack. You can locate the same page by counting off the pages in the stack from the top.

You can remove all of the scanned pages from the set once they have been scanned and count through them to find particular pages that had warnings or errors.

Scanner Sensitivity Settings

At any time during scanning or between sets you can adjust the sensitivity of the scanner by clicking the Settings… button on the Scan Forms screen.

When first adjusting the sensitivity, you can put a page on the flat-bed part of the scanner and repeatedly adjust and test the results until you find the settings that give the most accurate results. Results between pages may vary somewhat, but these settings should work on most pages.

  • You should start off at the recommended settings and then adjust them from there according to your needs.
  • To reset to the default settings, click the Restore Defaults button on the Settings screen.
  • The Threshold setting adjusts how sensitive the software is when processing the scanned page.
  • The Brightness control can remain in the middle. However, this can be used to fine-tune your settings for your scanner and the assessments you are scanning.
  • If you find a set of assessments that are too dark or too light, but most other pages are scanning without problems, put these aside and scan them later with the sensitivity adjusted specifically for them.

Scan Recognition Issues

If a page is not recognized, the Scanning Status window will indicate there was an error scanning the form.

There are a number of reasons way an error may occur scanning a form:

  • The roller on the scanner has twisted the page in such a way that it cannot be recognized
  • The page is backwards – the blank side was scanned
  • An unrecoverable problem happened while trying to analyze the image

In any of the above cases, you can simply feed the pages into the scanner again. If all else fails, you can put each page on the flatbed part of the scanner and scan it individually.

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