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SPSM-UT_22.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 17, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-58239Duplicate StudentGuardians

Modified Profile Type, Student to include a field named OpenID as a unique key. A script will also be run to eliminate any duplicates if they exist.

SPEDSM-57408Eligibility Form - SLD - Date/Assessment Tool headings

Corrected the Date and Assessment Tool/Method column headings to display over the proper text.

SPEDSM-62675Eligibility Forms - Delay reason modified

Removed any reference to a delay reason on all eligibility forms.

SPEDSM-56416Eligibility forms - Title of Nurse

Changed the title of Nurse to Qualified Health Professional on the following eligibility forms:

  • Autism Eligibility Eligibility Determination (AUElig)
  • Multiple Disabilities Eligibility Determination (MDElig)
  • Other Health Impairment Eligibility Determination (OHIElig)
SPEDSM-56405IEP, Assessment Addendum - Alternate Considerations
  • If the Alternate Assessment Considerations section has all three checkboxes = No, the text box is not required.
  • If Not Applicable is selected, the responses in this area will be hidden.
SPEDSM-57650IEP, Signature page - Staff names

Modified the signature section to allow a single staff member to sign the form representing two different roles. For example, Special Education teachers and LEA representatives. They can now sign in both places.

SPEDSM-57409IEP, Team Meeting Participants, Date

Added a date field on the IEP, next to the signature line, to record the date signed by the Meeting Participant.

SPEDSM-57578Prior Written Notice of Change of Placement in Special Ed

Modified the Placement data for the Student no longer eligible area to display Graduation with High School Diploma and Reaching Max Age checkboxes.

SPEDSM-58810Profile, Special Ed Information, IEP

Modified Profile, Special Education, Initial IEPTimeliness calculate to 45 calendar days, not 60 calendar days.

SPEDSM-53133Regular Education Interventions/At-Risk Documentation form - Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the Regular Education Interventions/At-Risk form to match the latest DOE version.

SPEDSM-45297Section 504, Authorization for Release - text changed

Modified text to change the reference of "These disclosures are authorized pursuant to 20 U.S.C Section 1232” to "These disclosures are for the purpose of: "

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