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SPSM-VA_21.9.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 8, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-4647165 Day Eligibility Timeline Profile Field

Amended the formula to add 64 days instead of 65 days.

SPEDSM-45532Eligibility Summary

Updated the data flow to no longer flow the following fields when the parent does not consent to terminate special education services for their child by selecting "I do not give consent" on the form:

  • Special Ed Exit Date
  • Exit Reason

Updated the Case Manager field as read-only in the IEP and would not return to the profile upon finalization.

SPEDSM-39083IEP and Profile Changes

Updated the following changes to the IEP and Profiles:

  • Retired the VAAP standalone form [VAAP_2020] form. The VAAP form will only be used within the IEP form.
  • On the IEP form, when the user selects the VAAP checkbox on the Services-LRE-Placement Assessments section, the VAAP section within the IEP form will be created. It will no longer create the VAAP standalone form.
  • Placement
    • Updated to filter the Placement Decision drop-down list value by age based on the meeting date or most recent amendment date. Values with a code of 1-8 will be displayed in the drop-down list for students older than five years. Values with a code of 17-22 will be displayed in the drop-down list for students younger than five years. For students age five years, all values will be displayed.
    • Removed the heading "Services Provided in."
    • Updated the Placements considered descriptions to now match the Placement Decision values.
      Note: When amending a form, these items must be reviewed and re-selected.
  • ESY
    • Removed the text *** from the page.
    • Added a new transportation section.
    • Added a new keyword table TransportationAccommodation that is admin-editable.
  • Services-LRE-Placement
    • Added the text *** that would appear on the ESY section.
    • Added a new transportation section.
    • Added a new keyword table TransportationAccommodation that is admin-editable.
  • VAAP
    • Updated the text in item 3 to match the State form.
    • Updated the footer date to May 2021.
  • Present Levels of Academic Achievement
    • Added a new keyword table named PresentLevelArea.
      Note: When amending the form, the area drop-down list values must be re-selected as the table is now using a newly created table.
  • Prior Notice and Parent Notice
    • Added a new paragraph and replaced the Additional Information area.
    •  Removed the DATE field that appears to the right of Parent Signature or Adult Student Signature in the Parent/Adult Student Consent area.
    • Removed the ability for the user to select "I give" or "I do NOT give permission" checkboxes. Those two checkboxes will be selected when the parent/student will sign on the actual paper form.
    • The OUO area should only be editable in Draft and Review, not in final.
  • Office Use Only
    • Removed the Date Consent Received field.
  • IEP at a Glance Assessments
  • Corrected an issue when the user selects accommodation #7 in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Reading and Math item 31 values would not appear on the IEP at a Glance.
  • Placement Profile: Renamed "Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Placement Code" to "Placement Code."
  • PROFILE: December 1st Count: Renamed "Special Ed Student Placement Code" to "Placement Code."
  • PROFILE: Eligibility: Relabeled "Initial Date Consent to Implement Received" to "Date IEP Consent to Implement Received."
SPEDSM-48849Profile: Case Manager
  • Created a new profile labeled Case Manager. Now, the profile stores the Case Manager. Separate security permissions can be given to allow staff to update the Case Manager. The Case Manager is also referenced in the Placement profile. If a user changes the Case Manager for one profile, it is reflected in the other profile since it is the same field.
  • The Case Manager name on the Placement page now displays the name in the first name and last name order.
SPEDSM-48617 Review of Existing Data

Updated the Date of Referral field on the draft/review model of the "Review of Existing Data" document template. When the Meeting Reason is Initial Referral, the Referral Date will now be updated.

SPEDSM-48757Unlimited Contacts: Copystudent_Contacts_Into_Students Script

Updated the script to remove any contacts that were removed from the PowerSchool SIS and remove the contact from the Demographic Parent/Contact area.

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