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SPSM-VA_22.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 29, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-51736Eligibility Summary, Consent for Proposed Changes

When the user selects Initial, and The child does not meet the criteria to be found eligible, the Eligibility Summary form will suppress Consent for Proposed Change [Checkboxes (three), Consent Checkboxes (two)] and Parent/Guardian/Adult, and Date.

SPEDSM-61831IEP, Cover Page, Copy of Draft

Added a new field, “Copy of Draft IEP given to Parent on” with a date field to fulfill a new requirement.

Virginia Department of Education Memo: “If a school division develops a draft Individualized Education Program (IEP) prior to a scheduled IEP meeting, it shall provide such draft to the parents at least two business days in advance of such IEP meeting.” (8 VAC 20-81-20 et seq.)

SPEDSM-60797IEP, Diploma, and Transition Status - Diploma area change

Changed diploma type checkboxes to a drop-down list for user selection. This enables Administrators to control the keyword table = Diploma Type as needed. This table has also been updated.

SPEDSM-61932IEP, Participation State & Division-Wide- Assessment/Accommodations change

Added accommodations and modified the display to include accommodation headings and the state ID. Data will flow to the Profile, Assessments section on IEP finalization. A new report has been created in Reporting, Public Assessment Reports, and Assessment Accommodations. This report can also be exported to excel to share with your locations.

SPEDSM-52009IEP, Placement Codes filter by age

Added the ability to display a second placement dropdown for students transitioning from age four to age five. This field appears on the student’s IEP, Placement section, labeled Amended Placement Decision, when the student is aged five as of an amendment meeting date. Administrators will need to enable a new Behavior Option called ShowAmendmentPlacementDecision.

SPEDSM-52014IEP, Prior Notice and Parent Consent Section

Added the ability to manually place initials, select consent checkboxes, type a name in a text box, and a calendar control to enter a date Draft, Review and Final.

SPEDSM-65233IEP, Services, LRE Placement and ESY Criteria

Added a new Behavior option ShowESYServices which administrators can enable. When enabled, a new checkbox will appear and create a new ESY Worksheet.

SPEDSM-55092Keyword: Present Level

Modified the Present Level keyword table to be administrator editable and added the InUse column.

SPEDSM-60611Keywords: Medicaid

Modified the following keyword tables to be administrator-editable. Also modified the Profile, Service Record to only require one Diagnostic Code from Diagnostic Code (ICD9) vs Diagnostic Code ICD10 drop-downs.

  • DiagnosisCodes
  • DiagnosticCodesICD10
  • DiagnosticCodeTypes
SPEDSM-61848Learning Standards

Activated state standard curriculum books.  Added staff instruction on the top of the IEP, Measurable Annual Goals (does not print) on how to add standards on the IEP via Select from Curriculum.

SPEDSM-61830Parent Consent to Evaluation - text change

Parent Consent to Evaluation: Removed the word component after evaluation as per the Virginia Regulations to address a parent's right to an independent educational evaluation at public expense.

SPEDSM-65469Review of Existing Data - ES Document prompt

Disabled the requirement to Prompt to Create a ES Document for two Section Actions. Administrators can manage these rules to enable them if they wish.

SPEDSM-54957Section 504 Written Notice/Consent - New section

Created a new Subject labeled Prior Written Notice that displays multiple questions and stylized text boxes with insert statements for staff entry. Various Insert Statements have also been included thanks to the Isle of Wight. Districts can add or modify or ignore these statements as they wish.

SPEDSM-57591Traumatic Brain Injury Worksheet

Updated the TBI description to match the latest definition.

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