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SPSM-WA_21.11.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 14, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-53539Workflow Case Types

Added three workflow case types for special education students:

  • Initial IEP
  • Annual Review
  • Triennial Evaluation
SPEDSM-52609Form 504-4 Parent/Guardian Consent for Evaluation

Resolved an issue where the Form does not update email addresses changed within the Student Profile.

SPEDSM-52496CEDARS File K Reports

Updated CEDARS File K Reports to display standard values for pre-school outcomes when there is no data in the profile.

SPEDSM-52395Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the following Section 504 documents:

  • Form 504-4 Parent/Guardian Consent for Evaluation
  • Form 504-8 Individual 504 Plan
  • Form 504-9 Termination of Services
  • Form 504-10 Manifestation Determination Review
  • Form 504-11 Individual Health Plan
SPEDSM-52090Part C to B Transition Meeting Information in the Special Education Profile

Added the following information within the Special Education Profile:

  • Referral type
  • Part C to B Transition Meeting Date, when applicable
SPEDSM-51565Evaluation Report

Enabled a filter for the "Individual Documentation of Assessment/Observation" section to display only relevant assessment areas.

SPEDSM-51354General Education Students

Added Enrollment Information for General Education students so that the process of transferring them to special education is seamless.

SPEDSM-51231IEP Cover Page and IEP at a Glance

Fixed the discrepancy in age calculation across the Cover Page and IEP at a Glance sections.

SPEDSM-51011AreaSuspectedDisability keyword table

Enabled the “In Use” checkbox for the AreaSuspectedDisability keyword table.

SPEDSM-49975Evaluation Planning Document

Inserted CEDARS File U child profile to the Evaluation Planning document.

SPEDSM-45129Evaluation Report: Eligibility Determination

Updated to display the disability description of the student’s disability so that the parent better understands the definition of the disability category.

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