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SPSM-WA_21.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 30, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-43873My Completed Services report

Fixed an issue where column "T" of the "My Completed Services" report did not show the total minutes.

SPEDSM-42647CEDARS file K Data report

Updated the fields within the CEDARS file K Data report to match what is being used for writebacks so that the data is consistent.

SPEDSM-44461Child Outcome Summary profile

Updated students' COSFRatings as follows (to comply with state guidelines), if the COSFEntryDate is before 08/01/2020 and the COSFExitDAte is after 08/01/2020 or empty:

COSF Ratings

SPEDSM-41696Enrollment Exit Reason

Fixed the Enrollment Exit Reason to show values when marked as "InUse" in the EnrollmentExitReason keyword table.

SPEDSM-42279Evaluation Report

Updated the system to allow users to revise the Evaluation Report. Users can now add an addendum to the evaluation report, allowing them to include additional testing information if needed.


Added the "Request to Excuse an IEP Team Member" section to an IEP form when needed. This section is not set by default.


Fixed an issue where the "Least Restrictive Environment" and "Build LRE" sections could copy over the LRECode values that are no longer in use when a previous IEP is copied to make a new IEP. The system will prevent finalization when there are LRECodes that are no longer in use.


The "Functional Behavior Assessment Date" will now appear on the IEP Cover page if the FBA Date is within three years of the IEP Meeting Date.

SPEDSM-40773IEP Cover Page

Fixed an issue where, once a finalized IEP is unfinalized and the IEP meeting date is edited on the cover page, the start and end dates would not flow to the LRE profile upon finalization unless the IEP: LRE section was edited and saved before finalization.
For example, in a case where a finalized IEP is unfinalized, and the IEP Meeting date is edited on the cover page, the start and end dates flow from the IEP: LRE section to the LRE profile automatically upon finalization.

SPEDSM-17462IEP Meeting Minutes

Added a new stand-alone "IEP Meeting Minutes" form to the "Other" category.

SPEDSM-39520IEP > Evaluation Report

Fixed an issue where the following documents/fields could be finalized with future dates:

  • IEP -Date of IEP Meeting
  • Evaluation Report -Eligibility Determination Date
SPEDSM-42275IEP: Consideration of Special Factors section

Updated the text on the IEP: Consideration of Special Factors section (question 5)

Before: "For a student with a visual impairment, is the student in need of Braille instruction and/or use of Braille?"

Now: "Does the student have a visual impairment?"

SPEDSM-41618IEP: Consideration of Special Factors section

Removed the "Extended School Year (ESY) Addendum" when "will be determined by the IEP team by:" is selected.

SPEDSM-38763IEP: LRE, Build Multiple LRE

Fixed an issue where the LRE/Build Multiple LRE sections would not automatically update when minutes were adjusted in the Summary of Service Matrix.

SPEDSM-42278IEP: Progress Report

Added a new column to the Progress Notes grid so that users can enter a "Staff Name" to show who entered the progress reporting.

SPEDSM-41053Individual Documentation of Assessment/Observation

Changes to the description in the IDARArea keyword table will now appear correctly in the IDARs dropdown of the Evaluation Report.

SPEDSM-42272International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

To enable Speech Therapists to better describe speech sounds, updated the following documents so that users can use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA):

  • Evaluation Report
  • IEP: PLAAFP section and Progress Report
  • Evaluation Planning
SPEDSM-42281Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Added a checkbox on the "Invitation to Attend a Meeting." When selected, the system will not require the General Education Teacher.

SPEDSM-39713Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Fixed an issue where "Father" would not appear in View and Print modes.

SPEDSM-44065Keyword table updates

Updated the following keyword tables with new keywords to be compliant with State regulations.

  • Added new keywords to the "ReasonEvalTimelnNotMet" keyword table:
    • The agreement to extend the evaluation timeline did not meet requirements per WAC 392-172A-03005(c)
    • Data entry/tracking errors
    • School closure due to COVID-19 -and school staff unavailable or parent stated distance meeting would impede participation/assessment
  • Added new keywords to the "PartCtoBReasons" keyword table:
    • Data entry/tracking errors
    • School closure due to COVID-19 -and school staff unavailable or parent stated distance meeting would impede participation/assessment
    • Student not transitioning from State Part C Birth to Three program
SPEDSM-42276ModeofDelivery keyword table

The ModeofDelivery keyword table is now administrator-editable.

SPEDSM-38553p223H state reports

Updated the P223H state reports to no longer include unenrolled students.

SPEDSM-42271Participant Staff List

The participant staff options on the following documents have been updated to be consistent and in alignment:

  • IEP
  • Verification of Eligibility
  • Evaluation Report
  • Invitation to Meeting
SPEDSM-42325Placement of Service keyword table

Updated the expired codes (determined by looking at the values in the EndDate column) in the Placement of Service (SCPlacementofService) keyword table to "InUse" = "No" so that they are no longer provided as a selection option.

SPEDSM-43344Prior Written Notice

Added the Prior Written Notice section to the following forms:

  • Evaluation Planning
  • Evaluation Report
  • Agree Reevaluation Unnecessary
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Summary of Performance
  • IEP Amendment
  • Verification of Eligibility
SPEDSM-41535Referral for Special Education

Updated the "Referral for Special Education" document to allow users to attach supporting information.

SPEDSM-41660Referral for Special Education Evaluation

Fixed incorrect field requirement logic.

SPEDSM-45303Section 504

Fixed an issue where the 504 Exit Date and 504 Exit Reason fields were not cleared out when a "Form 504-5 Determination of Eligibility Report" is finalized. Also, in such cases, the 504 Flag will now appear.

SPEDSM-44632Section 504

Fixed an issue where Section 504 documents did not flow field values to the profile.

SPEDSM-41933Service Capture

Added a Cosigner signature field below the staff signature so that a supervisor can co-sign a service record.

SPEDSM-40634Service Capture

Service capture records with 0 minutes are now allowed for the custom keywords (codes added for non-billable). The keywords have a billable code of "No."

SPEDDEV-20959PowerSchool SIS Integration

Duplicates that were deleted from Special Programs have now been removed from PowerSchool SIS as well.

SPEDSM-43045Special Education profile

Fixed an issue in the Special Education profile and P223H profile where the most recent LRE Code may not appear if a user provides the wrong LRE end date.
The system will display the most recent LRE code from the LRE profile regardless of the LRE end date if the IEP is still current.
The P223H state reports (P223H Report and P223H Summary report) will include enrolled students whose LRE ended before the IEP end date.

SPEDSM-40849Staff Profile

Administrators can now deactivate staff profiles so that the staff lookup only displays active staff members.

SPEDSM-43346Student Profile

Added a "Next Year School" lookup field underneath the School field within the Enrollment Information part of the Student Profile.

SPEDSM-41616Verification of Eligibility

A revision to the "Verification of Eligibility" no longer flows the IEP Date or Evaluation Date to the profile.

SPEDSM-42338Verification of Eligibility document

Fixed an issue where the message "Duplicate Editable Field!!!" appeared on some revisions to the Verification of Eligibility document.

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