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SPSM-WA_22.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 31, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-62693Behavioral Intervention Plan Section

Removed repeating row from the Behavioral Intervention Plan section in the following documents:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Verification of Eligibility
SPEDSM-49167Cedars File U (Child Find) Modifications

Made modifications to CEDARS File U. The system will now provide a warning to add a Part C to B Delay reason but allow the user to save under the following conditions:

  • Part C to B Transition is True.
  • The Eligibility Date is after the child’s third birthday.
  • IEP Meeting Date is after the child’s third birthday.
  • Child Find is True.
  • Eligibility Determination Date is 35 days greater than the consent to test date.
SPEDSM-58155Change in Section Names

Renamed the following sections under respective documents:

  • Evaluation Report Document from Individual Documentation of Assessment/Observation to IDAR.
  • IEP Document from PLAAFP and Annual Goals to PLAAFP & Annual Goals.
SPEDSM-59234Consideration of Special Factors

Introduced the capability of adding or removing the Behavioral Intervention Plan section in the IEP. This section can be included or excluded via workflow from the checkboxes on the Consideration of Special Factors section of the IEP.

SPEDSM-62233Copying Information from other Documents

Modified the existing behavior to show a section as incomplete after information has been copied over from other documents.


Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature to the following documents:

  • Agree Reevaluation Unnecessary
  • Evaluation Extension

  • Invitation to Attend a Meeting
  • Parent Consent
SPEDSM-60278Evaluation Report

Modified the Standard Score field under Severe Discrepancy Model to accept scores with special characters.

SPEDSM-57742IEP Amendment Without Reconvening IEP Team

Renamed the section IEP Amendment Without Reconvening IEP Team to IEP Amendment in the following documents:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Verification of Eligibility
SPEDSM-60608Individualized Education Program

Set the Action Initiation Date field in the Prior Written Notice section to blank. Users must provide the corresponding date before submitting the document.

SPEDSM-45395Least Restrictive Environment Records

Reversed the deletion of Least Restrictive Environment records in the child profile that would happen when finalizing revised IEPs.

SPEDSM-59472Manifestation Determination Review

Included text that was missing from the state documentation in the Manifestation Determination Review document.

SPEDSM-60464Profile: Behavioral Intervention Plan Tag

Revised the calculation formula for the display of the Behavioral Intervention Plan Tag in the profile.

SPEDSM-56673Profile: IEP Flag

Modified the behavior to display the IEP flag for a student who has undergone a new evaluation, qualified for services, and has an IEP.

SPEDSM-54881Reevaluation Due Date

Modified the calculation logic for reevaluation due date to reflect the change in age for Developmental Delay.

SPEDSM-62193Removal of Graduation Options

Removed Graduation Options in the following sections of the IEP document as per the latest guidelines.

  • Secondary Transition
  • Participation in District and Statewide Assessment
SPEDSM-59486Revision: Individualized Education Program

Modified the IEP meeting date to be non-editable when an IEP is revised.

SPEDDEV-31975SIS Integration

District administrators can now control the data programs that are imported and exported to or from Special Programs.

SPEDSM-57740Special Education Exit Date and Reason

Modified the Special Education Exit Date and Reason to be blank in the student profile when the following documents are finalized.

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Verification of Eligibility
SPEDSM-62088Student Special Education Profile

Added a text field to the following sections within the student profile:

  • P223H
  • Section 504
SPEDSM-57741Verification of Eligibility

Modified the following fields to not accept future dates in the verification of eligibility document:

  • Date of IEP Meeting
  • Date of Most Recent Eval
SPEDSM-57302Service Capture Changes

Added the following capability for entering service capture records:

  • The system would set the approval date, time field to the current date, time when the supervisor approves the service

  • The Eligible Service checkboxes are mandatory for appropriate service capture procedure codes

SPEDSM-51713Retired Documents

The following sections, documents have been retired:

  • Agree Reevaluation Unnecessary Document
  • Behavioral Interventional Plan (BIP) section in the IEP Document
  • Evaluation Extension section in the Evaluation Report Document
  • Initiation to Attend a Meeting (IAM) Document

The updates will be available in documents created after the release. Documents that have been completed should be finalized prior to the release.


Display Student CaseloadsModified the criteria for displaying student caseloads for staff users in the upcoming school year. Dependency on enrollment date has been removed.
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