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SPSM-WA_23.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 18, 2023



Release Note


Additional code values in the Program Status code

Additional code values “1” and “4” are available in the Childhood Progress Outcomes formula for Program Status code.
This will enable better match of Program Status code values in eSchoolPlus reports and UCSP.


Evaluation Planning

Modified the document to have the following behavior when the Initial Evaluation is selected on the Review or Referral of the Evaluation Planning; the Parent Consent cannot be removed or deleted.


Form 504-11 Individual Health Plan

Added digital signature capabilities for staff users on Form 504-11 Individual Health Plan document.


Form 504-8 Individual 504 Plan

All teachers assigned to a student would be able to acknowledge that they have reviewed and acknowledged the 504-8 plan for the respective student.


Form 504-8 Individual 504 Plan document

Retired the Continuation of (Form 504-8) section from the Form 504-8 Individual 504 Plan document.


Functional Behavior Assessment

Modified the data flow behavior for the Staff field on the functional behavior assessment template to be updated on the form only if the case manager in the profile is updated.


IEP: Cover Page

If the Meeting date on the Cover Page of the IEP is changed, the system will update the initiation date in the following sections of the IEP:

  • Summary of Service Matrix (both initiation date and each child profile service start dates)

  • Build Multiple LRE (initiation date)


IEP: Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Removed the draft watermark from the “Invitation to Attend a Meeting” section of the IEP document.


IEP: PLAAFP & Annual Goals section

Removed additional page breaks that occurred when a large amount of text was entered in the Present Level of Academic Achievement/Functional Performance area of the Annual Goals section of the IEP document.


Individualized Education Program

Modified the behavior that permitted users to send an IEP for review without the PLAAFP & Annual Goals section. This created a non-compliant document and has been corrected.


Individualized Education Program

Users can indicate for Initial and Annual IEPs if an interpreter was requested, or provided, or if the district could not provide one.


Individualized Education Program

Added a capability for students who already had a Behavior Intervention Plan or Emergency Response Protocol; the next IEP would contain these sections, but the staff can remove them if necessary.


Invitation to Attend a Meeting

Corrected the behavior that led to contact person details missing when the invitation to attend a meeting document was translated into other languages.


Private School Services Plan

Added a progress reporting section to the Private School Services Plan document.


Profile: CEDARS File U (Child Find)

The following fields have data flow available from the evaluation planning document:

  • The date that initial eligibility was determined.

  • The number of days from Consent to Eligibility.

  • Determination DateResult of Initial Eligibility Determination.


Profile: Class

Added a class end date field into the Class Profile for SIS to import into and use it to remove students from classes that have ended.


Profile: Least Restrictive Environment

Modified the configuration behavior that led to the creation of overlapping records with improper end dates.


Report: Acknowledgement for 504 Plan

Created a new report that would supply a list of teachers that a student currently is assigned to and whether or not the teachers have Acknowledged and Reviewed the 504-8 Plan.


Report: CEDARS File U Data

Column “Element U12- reason for IEP Developed After Third Birthday” of CEDARS File U Data report should be null if the Outcome of Initial Evaluation/Eligibility is one of the following:

  • Determined Eligible for Special Education Services (Develop IEP)

  • Determined NOT Eligible for Special Education Services (Process Complete, no IEP to develop)

  • Determined Eligible for Special Education Services (Process Complete, no IEP to develop)


SchoolYear Keyword Table

Administrators can now add new values to the SchoolYear Keyword Table.


Special Education Profile

Removed the field ReevaluationDueDate as it is no longer used.


Update Scripts: CEDARS File I

Modified the Update Scripts to maintain CEDARS File I Records to display the Exit Reason on the student profile.

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