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SPSM-WA_24.3.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: March 20, 2024



Release Note


504-4 Parent/Guardian Consent for Evaluation Document

Removed the reference to Spokane from the header of the document.


Evaluation Report and IEP Amendment

Made the following changes to the Evaluation Report and IEP Amendment:

  • When the user selects the SDI or RS checkbox and attempts to select No for the checkbox Is the student in need of specially designed instruction?, they will receive a validation message to select the Not Eligible checkbox when the SDI or RS checkbox is selected.

  • Added a message in the Eligibility Determination section to complete the IDAR section when the Assessment area is blank, as it prevents the section from being completed now without highlighting the field that needs to be completed.

  • Updated the Evaluation Report document to pull the parent/guardian mailing address on the Evaluation Extension and PWN sections when both the mailing address and home address are available. Otherwise, the home address will be printed on the document.

  • Added a required text box for the option Other under This IEP amendment revises or modifies section on the IEP Amendment cover page.


IEP and Verification of Eligibility Documents

Made the following changes in the IEP and Verification of Eligibility documents.

  • Updated the IEP document to pull the meeting date from the latest finalized invitation letter for the same school year. Previously, the meeting date was incorrectly pulled from the finalized invitation letter for the previous school year.

  • Modified the IEP document so that it no longer pulls the meeting date and participants from the latest finalized invitation letter, where the meeting type = IEP Amendment, while creating the new IEP documents, instead pulling only the amendments.

  • Increased the field length of the Other textbox to add maximum data to the Accommodations section of both documents.

  • Added a required textbox for the option Other in the Services drop-down list on the Extended School Year (ESY) Addendum page.

  • Updated both IEP and Verification of Eligibility documents to prevent the dates on the Summary of Services Matrix, ESY, and Multiple LRE sections from being overwritten when the meeting date on the cover page is changed. Previously, these dates were overwritten, causing the staff to re-enter them.

  • Added the following message to the user on the cover page of both documents when the meeting date is changed on the cover page: The IEP Meeting Date was changed. Please review the services identified in the document to ensure the proper initiation and duration dates are selected.

  • Resolved an issue where users can manually add or remove the Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) or Emergency Response Protocol Addendum (ERP) sections. The checkbox on the Consideration of Special Factors page maintains the addition or removal of the section. The sections will not copy from a previous document as the sections are inserted or removed from the checkboxes on the current document.

  • The ERP and BIP sections will be added automatically only when the user selects The parent and the school district.. checkbox for ERP and BIP has been developed for this student (refer to the BIP addendum) for BIP on the Consideration of Special Factors section.


Reevaluation Due Date Calculation

Updated the Reevaluation Due Date located within the Special Education Part B profile to display the due date as the day before the student’s 10th birthday when the disability is Developmental Delay.


Report: eSchoolPLUS Student CEDARS FILE K Interpreter

Modified the eSchoolPLUS Student CEDARS FILE K Interpreter report to import the IEP Completion Date and Interpreter value from the student profile. The report will now display these data under the startDate and programStatusCode columns, respectively.


Reports: CEDARS File U Data

Updated the report to include the inactive students.


Update Scripts: Maintain CEDARS File K Records

Modified the update script to display the Interpreter value on the CEDARS File K student profile records. Previously, it was not displayed.


IEP and Verification of Eligibility Documents

Resolved an issue where the Least Restrictive Environment section could not be saved after editing the Date of IEP Meeting on the cover page when the Build Multiple LRE section is turned on.

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