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Child Count Snapshot / Approval Process

This template describes the primary details of students' participation in special education during the current school year. The October 1 submission includes special education students who meet the following conditions:

  • Special education students in school-age programs PK3 – 12 must have a valid Individualized Education Program (IEP) with Active status.

  • Gifted students with Active status.

All school districts in Alabama must create a Snapshot of their data on October 1 each year or (the date designated by the state) and submit the following reports as part of this Special Education and Gifted Data Collection:

  • Child Count Snapshot

  • S_AL_STU_STATE_ChildCount_X

    Review and correct student data on the Child Count validation reports. However, since you can make corrections to the Snapshot data, you do not need to complete your corrections before taking the Snapshot on October 1.

Submission Timeline

The state snapshot submission begins on October 1 or the date designated by the state and must be submitted within the state-specified submission window. The state will announce a different date if October 1 falls on a weekend. You can only make changes to the snapshot during the submission window.

The Alabama model includes several Child Count reports to review and validate before completing and approving the Snapshot for state submission as indicated in the Child Count documentation.

When you take the Child Count snapshot, the system creates a child profile and populates the data from the Child Count area of the State Reporting profile.

Create the Child Count Snapshot

  1. Verify the Federal Count Date:

    1. From the Administration menu, click Configuration.

    2. Click Profile Types, then click Globals.

    3. In the Calendar Options area, choose Federal Count Date.

    4. Verify the Federal Count Date is the correct reporting date for the year the snapshot will be taken. Update if needed.

    5. Click Save.

  2. Take the snapshot:

    1. From the Reporting menu, click Standard Reports.

    2. Expand State Reports Snapshots, and choose Child Count Snapshot.

      When accessing this report for the first time, no students are displayed.
    3. Click Populate Reporting Snapshot to take the snapshot.

      Do not take another snapshot. You will be able to edit the student's data in your snapshot.

  3. Review the list of students in your Child Count Snapshot.

    1. The date and time of the snapshot are recorded in the Child Count Snapshot Taken Date field in the Globals Profile.

Edit the Child Count Snapshot

You must have Administrator permissions to edit the student data in the Child Count Snapshot.

  1. Make corrections to the demographic data fields in the SIS. After the integration runs, you can review the data changes in the Student Demographic Profile.

  2. Make corrections to special education or gifted data in the corresponding profile.

  3. Navigate to the State Reporting profile and review your corrections in the Child Count section.

  4. If the data meets all acceptable validations, click the Populate Child Count Snapshot button to add the corrected data to the snapshot. You must be logged in as the administrator to add the updated data.

    Changing the status will not remove the student from the snapshot in this step.

Add a Student to the Snapshot Report

If a student was omitted when the Snapshot was taken, you can add the student to the snapshot. You must be logged in as the Administrator to add a student.

  1. Search and select the student you want to add to the snapshot.

  2. Navigate to the Child Count section in the State Reporting profile.

  3. If the student data meets all of the acceptable Child Count validations, click the Add to Reporting Snapshot button to add the student to the current snapshot.

  4. To view the added student on the Child Count Snapshot report, navigate to the report and select Refresh.

    If you do not see the State Reporting profile or the Add to Reporting Snapshot check your security permissions.

Remove a Student from the Snapshot Report

  1. Search and select the student you want to remove from the snapshot.

  2. Navigate to Profile - Child Count Snapshots.

    If you do not see this profile, check your security permissions with your Special Programs Administrator.

  3. Click the X next to the student record.

  4. Click Delete Child Count Snapshot Permanently.

  5. To view the student's removal, navigate to the Child Count Snapshot report and select Refresh.

Child Count Approval Process

After you have reviewed the Child Count Snapshot and the data is ready to send to the state, you need to approve the snapshot for the system to create the PowerSchool SIS export, S_AL_STU_STATE_ChildCount_X. The system will add students with a Student.IntegrationIDT and an Approval Date for this report.

You must have the appropriate security permissions to approve the Child Count Snapshot report.

Before you approve the Child Count report, the snapshot must have been taken and reviewed.

  1. From the Reporting menu, click Standard Reports.

  2. Expand State Reports Snapshots, and choose Child Count Snapshot:

  3. Click Approve Reporting Snapshot.

    1. The approval will also be recorded in the Globals Profile with a check next to the Snapshot Approved Status field.

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