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State Reports Snapshots

The following reports are available for snapshots and state submissions:

The snapshot functionality operates identically across all reports.

After all state reports have been reviewed and validations corrected, you can take a snapshot of the report data. You should review the snapshot one final time before approval.

You must follow these steps to create the snapshot:

  1. Select a report under State Report Snapshots.

  2. Click Populate Reporting Snapshot; data from the previously reviewed report's data will populate the report and create the snapshot.

    1. When Populate Reporting Snapshot is selected to generate, data on the report and state report snapshot profile are created of the data set.
      The date displayed on the Populate Snapshot button is generated from the Federal Count date in the Global profile. If this date is incorrect, do not proceed until the date is changed in the Global profile.

  3. To view the profile created for the student, select the profile icon next to the student's name.

    1. Select the pencil next to the student's name; you cannot edit the data here. Snapshot data is corrected in the student’s State Report profile in the Child Count area.

  4. Review the populated data report.

  5. Click Approve Reporting Snapshot to approve the report for submission to the state.

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