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Behavior Intervention Plan

Behavior Intervention Plan

  1. Select a student on the Students panel.

  2. Click the Documents icon for the student.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down list, select Behavior Intervention Plan under Part B: Behavior, and click Go.

  4. In the Student Information section, the system displays the following information:

    • Auto-populates from the Student Info/Demo Part B profile:

      • Student

      • USI

      • DOB

    • Auto-populates from the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

      • Grade

    • Auto-populates from the Special Education Part B profile:

      • Case Manager

      • Last Eligibility Meeting Date

      • Last IEP Annual Review Meeting Date

      • FBA Date

    • Enter a date manually or select a date using the calendar icon in the BIP Date and Expected Review Date fields.

    • User can upload supporting documents for the student's most recent functional behavioral assessment using the Browse option.

  5. In the Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions section, the system provides the following repetitive fields:

    • Targeted Behavior: Enter the first targeted behavior in the textbox. User can add multiple targeted behavior using the plus icon underneath. The first targeted behavior is preceded by 1. If the user adds a repetitive section, it will appear as targeted behavior 2.

    • Replacement Behavior: Describe the new or different behavior(s) and skill(s) to be taught and monitored to address the target behavior(s) in the textbox.

    • Person(s) Responsible for data collection: Select a person for data collection. User can add multiple individuals responsible for data collection using the plus icon underneath.

    • Intervention Strategies or Activities: Describe the interventions or strategies to be implemented by staff to support the student in developing and utilizing the replacement behavior in the long stylized textbox.

    • Reinforcement of Replacement Behavior: List rewards and incentives the student will earn when exhibiting replacement behavior in the long stylized textbox.

    • Corrective Strategies: Describe how staff will respond to target behaviors, including clear, concise, and related consequences for the behavior in the long stylized textbox.

    • Implementation Plan: Describe the methods that will be used to ensure the consistency of implementing the positive behavioral interventions across the student’s school-sponsored instruction or activities in the long stylized textbox.

    • Progress Monitoring Measures: Describe how the team will monitor student progress on the attainment of the replacement behavior, for example, data collection, frequency, assessment of effectiveness, etc., in the long stylized textbox.

  6. In the Participants section, the following information appears:

    • Under the Participants Role column, the system auto-populates the student's name and any Student Contact that has Educational Rights selected on the Student Contacts Part B profile. The system provides a list of the parent or guardian names with a checkbox. Select the box next to the student's name if the student was a participant. If the checkbox is not selected, the student's name is not considered a team member/participant and will be suppressed on print.

    • Under the Name column, select a name from the staff table using the lookup function or type a free-form name, and click non-lookup for the following participants:

      • Special Education Teacher

      • General Education Teacher

      • District Representative

      • Evaluator/Individual who can interpret assessment results

      • Agency Representative, if appropriate

    • Under the How Attended column, select a value from the drop-down list for each participant.

    • Under the Signature column, the student, parent, and staff's signature will appear through the digital signature functionality unless the user selects Participants will sign a paper copy checkbox.

  7. Click Save, Done Editing.

  8. Finalize the document once completed. To finalize the document, click Set Document, select Status from Draft to Final, and then click Accept. When the document is finalized, the BIP value will flow to the Behavior Intervention Plan Date on the student's Special Education Part B profile and the BIP icon/tag will appear at the top of the screen next to the student's name.

  • After adding a new targeted behavior, the system repeats the required fields.

  • You must type a minimum of 20 characters in each long stylized textbox.

  • To add more participants in step 6, click the plus icon.

  • Once the student contact is updated in the Student Contacts Part B profile, the unfinalized documents display the latest parent or guardian name with education rights. The system auto-selects the latest Parent/Guardian name when the document is accessed using the More, Update Document from Student Profile option.

BIP Period Review

This section is only required when the user finalizes the Behavior Intervention Plan document.

  1. Within the Behavior Intervention Plan document, navigate to BIP Period Review using the flyout menu.

  2. Enter a date manually or select a date using the calendar icon in the Periodic BIP Review Date field. Make sure the date is not before today's date.

  3. The system provides a long stylized textbox labeled Periodic BIP Review to indicate whether the current plan is effective for the student. If the plan is ineffective, the IEP team should consider additional strategies, reinforcements, or both. You must type a minimum of 20 characters in the textbox.

  4. Select a response for the Is the BIP effective in meeting the needs of the student? checkbox. If the user selects Yes, a required long stylized textbox appears to describe additional factors, strategies, reinforcers, or both that should be considered for the plan. You must type a minimum of 20 characters in the textbox.

  5. Click Save, Done Editing.

  • Both of these fields are editable even after the page is finalized.

  • To add additional BIP period reviews, click the plus icon.

Document Delivery

This section is only required when the user selects Participants will sign a paper copy checkbox. The section does not print.

  1. Within the Behavior Intervention Plan document, navigate to Document Delivery using the flyout menu.

  2. Select the Mode of Delivery from the drop-down list. To add other delivery options, click the plus icon underneath.

  3. Click Save, Done Editing.

Data Flow

Upon finalization of the documents, the following data flow occurs:


To Profile

BIP Date

Special Education Part B

Mode of Delivery

Document Delivery

Date of Delivery

Document Delivery

Parent/Guardian/Student Response

Document Delivery

Parent/Guardian/Student Response Date

Document Delivery

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