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Service Capture


Service Providers assigned to a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) can log Service Capture records for their specific service, such as Audiology. Additionally, a supervisor can log Service Capture on behalf of a Service Provider.


  • A Service Provider must be assigned to either the Provider Name field or the Provider Assignment History section of the student's IEP Service Part B record.

  • Staff Profile:

    • Graduate Students: Select the box if the staff is a graduate student.

    • Licenses (within the flyout menu): Enter any applicable licenses associated with the service provider. The system does not require this information, but it will be stored for reference purposes.

    • Disciplines (within the flyout menu): Enter each discipline associated with the service provider.

    • Certificates (within the flyout menu): Enter any applicable certificates for the service provider. The system does not require any credentialing details. However, such information will be stored for informational purposes.

Log Service Capture as a Service Provider

  1. Navigate to Service Capture and then select Service Calendar.

  2. Select a student in the left pane.

  3. Select Service Records Part B as a Record Type.

  4. Right-click the calendar day and select Record Past Services.

  5. In the Record Services section, perform the following actions:

    • Click the Lookup link to display all IEP services to which the service provider was assigned.

    • Select the applicable service.

Service Capture Details

  1. The IEP service details will appear read-only in the Service information area for reference.

  2. Enter the Date of service.

  3. The Attending School auto-populates when the record is saved. The system locates the school attended from the LEA Entry/Exit profile within the date of service.

  4. Click the drop-down list to display the Service Type values.

    • If the user selects either Consultation or Direct Service, additional fields will appear in the system.

  5. Select the checkbox if This is a Make-up Service.

    • When the user selects the checkbox, an additional field labeled Date Service Originally Due will be displayed. When the user clicks in the field area, a listing of applicable non-provided type service types associated with the IEP Service record appears.

    • Select the date of service not provided and associate it with the date of service for which it was made up.

  6. Click the drop-down list to display the Service Delivery values.

  7. Enter the Duration of Service in hours and minutes.

    • The values must be logged, even if the student didn't receive the service.

  8. Select a Group Size.

    • When selecting Consultation as the Service Type, this field will not appear.

  9. Select a value from the Student Progress list.

  10. Enter any additional comment in the Comments text box. The user must type a minimum of 20 characters in each text box.

  11. Select the applicable Areas Covered/Assessed.

  12. When the record is ready for processing (billing and reporting (RSMR)), select the Completed: I have verified that the information is correct and complete checkbox.

  13. The system auto-populates a date in the Completion Date field when the user selects the completed checkbox.

  14. The system auto-populates the User Created name when the record is saved and displays the date and time the record was created.

The system will only display relevant fields for Service Types Consultation or Direct Service in steps 4, 5, 6, 9, and 11.

Log Service Capture on behalf of a Service Provider

Security Configuration Requirements

A supervisor can log service capture for their provider from the Supervisors flyout menu in the staff profile. The supervisor must have the following security permissions:

  • Special Access: (+) View Staff Service Calendars (Supervisors Only)

  • Special Access: (+) Edit Staff Service Calendars

  • Students Profiles & Documents: (+) View Students (System-wide)

  • Students Profiles & Documents: (+) View Service Records Part B (System-wide)

  • Students Profiles & Documents: (+) Non Caseload (-) Capture My Service Records Part B

  • Students Profiles & Documents: (+) View IEP Services Part B (System-wide)

  • Students Profiles & Documents: (+) Use Data Utilities: IEP Services Part B

  • Staff Profiles & Documents: (+) View Staff (System-wide

  • Staff Profiles & Documents: (+) View Caseload (System-wide)

  • Staff Profiles & Documents: Edit Caseload (System-wide)

  • (+) denotes permission granted.

  • (-) denotes permission denied.

Staff Configuration

The service provider must have their supervisor associated with their Staff profile. Select the service provider via Search, Staff. From the flyout, select Supervisors. Ensure the service provider's supervisor information is associated.

Log Service Capture as a Supervisor

  1. Log in as the supervisor.

  2. Click Search, Staff, and select the service provider to log service capture.

  3. Click the flyout and select Service Records Part B.

  4. Click Add New Service Record Part B and follow the steps to log a service capture record.

Log Service Capture as a Graduate Student

  • When the service provider has the Graduate Student checkbox selected, and the service capture Part B record is saved, the service capture record cannot be marked as Completed: I have verified that the information is correct and complete by the graduate student.

  • Supervisors must review and approve graduate student's service capture records.

  • Supervisors can run the Graduate Student Services Needing Approval report, which is located in the Service Capture Standard reports folder.

  • Supervisors must review each record and mark the record completed when approved.

Cancel a Service Capture Record

  1. Edit the Service Record through the Service Capture menu option.

  2. Select the Canceled checkbox.

  3. When the user selects Canceled, a required text box appears to detail the rationale for the cancellation.

Delete a Service Capture Record

The Special Programs application does not allow the deletion of service capture records for auditing purposes. Refer to Cancel a Service Capture Record to cancel a service.

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