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SPSM-DC_24.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 2, 2024

Part B



Release Note


IEP Amendment

Resolved an issue where when users attempted to finalize an amended IEP, they received this error message: Begin date cannot be prior to its respective Amendment/IEP date for Related Services.


Delivered Services Part B Report and Service Records Part B

  • Service Records Part B Profile: Created a new text field in the database called AreasCoveredMigrated. The field does not appear in the user interface. The field is used to migrate Areas Covered data from previously logged data from the prior system. PowerSchool and OSSE will work together on migrating the data into this new field.

  • Standard Reports, Part B Medicaid, Delivered Services Report: Updated the Areas Covered column to include the newly added text field. If no Areas Covered checkboxes are selected for the service record, the report will display the data from the newly added Areas Covered text field.

  • Standard Reports, Part B Medicaid, Student List Report: Updated the Gender column to report X when the student’s gender is non-binary.


IEP Amendment

Resolved an issue where the amended documents could not be finalized due to the missing Extended School Year sections.


IEP, Service Plan and Comparable Service Plan

  • Resolved an issue where data was not flowing to the Transportation Eligible area on the special education profile when the user selects No for “Is the student eligible for special education transportation” on the IEP services page.

  • Updated three documents IEP, Comparable Service Plan or Service Plans such that only the latest finalized document will be set as active while the other two documents will be made inactive as the Student can have only one of the three documents as active at the same time.


RSMR - Prescribed Service Details

Made the following changes to the RSMR - Prescribed Service Details report:

  • Renamed column Prescribed Amt. Total # of Mins to Prescribed Amt Per IEP Service Date Range.

  • Updated the LEA Entry and LEA Exit Date columns to report the LEA Entry/Exit dates based on the Service End Date within the date range of the LEA Entry/Exit profile.

  • Updated the Prescribed Amt Per IEP Service Date Range column formula. The decimal value is now rounded to display two digits instead of the complete decimal number and will exclude summer (not in session) days.


Analysis of Existing Data

Removed the non-lookup option from the Provider Assigned field in the Additional Assessment area and the Assessments Part B profile.


APR 07 - Preschool Outcomes Report & COS Exit Due Date Report

Made the following changes to the APR 07 - Preschool Outcomes Report and COS Exit Due Date Report:

  • APR 7 Report

    • Updated the selection criteria to report the LEA Code/LEA Name/School Name/School Code values based on the most recent value in the LEA Entry/Exit record and to include only active students.

  • COS Exit Due Date Report

    • Updated the current selection criteria to also include those students in Grade=P4.

    • Updated the LEA Name/School Name/School Code values to report based on the most recent value in the LEA Entry/Exit record.

Part C



Release Note


Insurance Company & Primary Payer keyword table

Updated the values in the keyword tables as provided by OSSE.


IFSP Service Type keyword table

  • Added 15 new values into the PartCIFSPServiceType keyword table with a value of Inuse=No for data migration purposes.

  • Added one new value labeled Specialized Instruction Assisted Technology Inuse=Yes.


Staff Profile & Evaluation Requests Part C Profile

  • Added a new label called Imported From Feed within the Staff profile. The field is read-only and only appears when the Globals Part C checkbox is selected. The field and label are hidden when Globals Part C is not selected. The checkbox is managed by the staff feed integration process. If the Imported From Feed field is selected, then the following fields do not appear:

    • Approval status

    • First Name verified

    • Last Name verified

    • NPI Number

    • Graduate Student

    • Effective date

    • Company Start Date

    • Company End

  • Removed the PWN Eligibility Date column on the Evaluation Requests Part C profile summary page.


Part C Demographic Profile and Referral Intake

  • Demographics Part C profile now includes a new area called Transfer Details, which captures the student's transfer details. The following fields are read-only and will be populated during the transfer process.

    • Last Transfer Date

    • Transferred to LEA

    • Transfer Status

  • Added the data flow for the Service Coordinator Supervisor from the Referral Intake document to the Caseload profile.

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