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SPSM-DC_24.5.2.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 15, 2024

Part B



Release Note


Staff Profile

Added a new editable checkbox named Translation Provider between Position 4 and Graduate Student to display only when Globals Part C checkbox is false.

Part C



Release Note


Part C APR Indicator 7

Updated the report to show student information on drilldown. The following columns were added:

  • Child USI

  • Last Name

  • First Name

  • Child USI

  • DOB

  • Age during Reporting Period

  • Date of Entry

  • Date of IFSP

  • Type of IFSP

  • IFSP Timeliness

  • Reason for Delay in 45 days

  • IFSP Number of Days Late

  • Medicaid

  • Insurance Provider Name


Profile: Service Records Part C

  • Removed the signature lines above the staff and supervisor names.

  • Added the credentials between the staff name and supervisor title.


Notification Case Closure

  • Suppressed comma when there is no suffix.

  • Added the validation checks to ensure that date of letter is not greater than the effective date of closure and the effective date of closure is not greater than the date of their last service is date value.

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